What Does the Bible Say about Curses and Spells

Dear Roger, What does the Bible say about cursing and spells? Can a person be cursed? And by cursing I mean, when someone says something bad is going to happen to you…that kind of cursing, cursing your future. Sincerely, John Dear John, In the Bible curses and spells are forbidden practices (Deuteronomy 18:10-12). Let no one be found among

What Can We Learn from Our Dreams

Dear Reader, In my “Ask Roger” role, you might be surprised by how many angelic/demonic, Jesus/Satan dreams that people share with me—about one of every 20 emails! The description of the dreams, as well as the dreamer, often sound strange. However, I’ve concluded that many dreamers are “normal” people who have simply experienced an unusual,

If You Want To Be Trusted, Be Honest

Most people have two versions of themselves. There’s the version that they put on display for the world, and then there’s the version of themselves, the true version, that they keep hidden away. Sure, everyone keeps some of their cards close to their chest. It’s perfectly normal. People could be judgemental creatures and there are

Friends vs. Best friends

A good friendship doesn’t happen by accident. Just like a romantic relationship, it needs love and care to thrive. Friendships can last for decades if you know how to nurture them, but they can dissolve quickly if you don’t put the effort into deepening the bond. Don’t take your friends for granted! Here are a

Ways to Win at Spiritual Warfare

Dear Roger, I’d like to know more about spiritual warfare. I remember one Sunday night at Casas Church you taught on the subject. I wish that I had taken notes because I learned so much. Please share with me again those teachings on overcoming Satan. Sincerely, Rusty Dear Rusty, Spiritual warfare fills the pages of

Things Most Christians Don’t Understand about Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

God never missed an opportunity to use powerful symbols throughout Scripture. Jesus’ famous ride on this lowly animal reveals much about Christ’s character and purpose.  Prior to entering Jerusalem, Christ instructed his disciples to acquire for him a donkey Matthew 21:1-5. (In Matthew’s Gospel a donkey and a colt, two poetic Hebrew parallel phrases.) Why