How Can a Christian Finish the Race of Faith Well

Dear Roger, The world is pushing Christians towards sin, materialism, sexual deviance, and power. I’ve noticed that some of my Christian friends who started strong—with a passion for spiritual things—are not ending up so well. I’ve often heard, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Can you share some thoughts on how to

Why Should Christians Support Israel

Dear Roger, Now we have the results: the President has made a bold move to protect Israel. It seems to me that a lot of older Christians have an unhealthy obsession with Israel. They view the country as sacred, and support it both politically and financially. I’ve always believed that since God created everything, no

Why We Should Want God’s Discipline

Dear Roger, My friend and I got into a discussion about whether or not God would actually hurt or punish a Christian. I said, “No. He loves us too much.” He said, “Yes. He loves us too much not to!”  What do you think? Sincerely, Alex The Value of Discipline Dear Alex, Your friend wins!

Is God a Man or a Woman

Dear Roger, I have a question and it should probably go to a pastor. The Bible most commonly refers to God in the masculine. Therefore, many Christians believe he is male. That does bring up one question in my mind, though (and I’m looking for some biblical examples/references). When someone loses their father, they can turn to

Did Jesus Die for the Whole Universe

Dear Roger, If life exists on other planets, did Jesus die and resurrect for them, too? Sincerely, Tom Dear Tom, What a great Easter question! Revelation 13:6 describes Jesus as the “Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.” Could it be that Jesus was crucified and then resurrected on a cosmic cross before God

What Do We Know about the Final Judgment

In November 2017, Iran and Iraq suffered the deadliest earthquake in modern history. The 7.3 magnitude quake caused the ground to undulate like a waterbed disturbed from its calm serenity by a child jumping on it to play. Can you imagine the terror and fear every man, woman, and child experienced in those moments? Buildings

How Can We Meditate on Jesus’ Crucifixion

Dear Roger, I grew up at Casas Church. I remember how you occasionally closed each service by asking the congregation to bow their heads and close their eyes. Then, you guided us through a meditation on a particular biblical passage or story. I use meditation as part of my quiet times. These meditations often take