Can a Mason be a Christian

Dear Roger, My Bible study had a long discussion on Masons. None of us knew much about Masons except for one person. He told us that they were a secret society that taught that there were others ways to heaven besides believing in Jesus. He thought that Masons accepted all gods of all religions and that Masons

How To Use Your Spiritual Gift

Dear Roger, I am a new Christian. I attend a weekly Bible study with men who have been Christians a long time. Someone mentioned about spiritual gifts but did not stop to explain it. I’d like to know what spiritual gifts are and how they work. I’d like to know if I have one. Please help me.

What Christians Need to Know about Islam

Dear Roger,There is so much interest and confusion “swirling around” the issues of Muslims, Islam, acculturalization, burqas, terrorists and Islamic extremism. Could you please give us a simple understanding of what Christians need to know about Islam?Sincerely Rachel One Sunday morning after worship, a young man with Arabic features approached me. He looked to be

How to Reconcile Science and Creationism

Dear Roger, Recently two of my young friends have raised questions about the creation story. One, a young lady, had been deeply hurt when another gal at her Bible study group told her that if she didn’t believe in a literal seven days creation, she might not even be a Christian! The other, a young guy science