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7 Toxic Behaviors That Can Destroy Your Relationship (and how to avoid them)

Knowing Which Behaviours Are Toxic And How To Avoid Making These Mistakes, Can Save Your Relationship From Unnecessary Hardships. All relationships have their problems, and some are easier to work through than others. But if you really want to keep the love alive between you, avoid these 7 toxic behaviors. 1. Responding Irrationally To Feedback,

5 Things Every Master Emotional Manipulator Does To Confuse And Drain You

Someone Who Constantly Leaves You Feeling Confused, And Mentally Exhausted But You Just Can’t Pinpoint Why, Is Likely To Be An Emotional Manipulator. Identifying Them For Who They Are Can Be Tricky, But This List Will Help. Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a friend or partner where you doubted yourself because

5 Ways to Feel Less Insecure in Your Relationships

It’s A Vicious Cycle. Insecurity Leads To Relationship-Threatening Behaviors Such As Jealousy, Neediness, And A Lack Of Self-Respect. In turn, the connection suffers. This fuels more insecurity, and the resulting behaviors become even more troublesome. Often the whole cycle comes to an end when the insecurity becomes too much for the relationship to bear. This