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17 Things the Bible Says about Angels

We seem to know very little about the existence and ministry of Angels. To most of us angels are more decoration than the reality. Angels appear on tombstones, the walls of nurseries, jewelry, Renaissance art, ordination certificates, Christmas cards, and Valentines. Angels are usually fat and naked and have little bows and arrows with wings

10 Ways to Pray When Tragedy Strikes

The thing that often makes tragedy overwhelming, incomprehensible, and soul numbing is just how unexpected it can be. Life is going according to plan, and suddenly your world is rocked and you are left reeling. That’s why it’s so important to have Truth stored up in your heart before tragedy strikes. By being in the

12 Powerful Prayers from Paul

Sometimes praying feels like throwing darts – with your eyes closed. You hurl some words heavenward and wonder if you’ve hit the bulls-eye of progress. You hope something sticks. What have you been praying for? Do you wonder if God hears your prayers? If they matter? Lately, I’ve been thinking, I don’t want my words