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What Christians Need to Know about Islam

Dear Roger,There is so much interest and confusion “swirling around” the issues of Muslims, Islam, acculturalization, burqas, terrorists and Islamic extremism. Could you please give us a simple understanding of what Christians need to know about Islam?Sincerely Rachel One Sunday morning after worship, a young man with Arabic features approached me. He looked to be

How to Reconcile Science and Creationism

Dear Roger, Recently two of my young friends have raised questions about the creation story. One, a young lady, had been deeply hurt when another gal at her Bible study group told her that if she didn’t believe in a literal seven days creation, she might not even be a Christian! The other, a young guy science

How Can a Christian Finish the Race of Faith Well

Dear Roger, The world is pushing Christians towards sin, materialism, sexual deviance, and power. I’ve noticed that some of my Christian friends who started strong—with a passion for spiritual things—are not ending up so well. I’ve often heard, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Can you share some thoughts on how to

Why Should Christians Support Israel

Dear Roger, Now we have the results: the President has made a bold move to protect Israel. It seems to me that a lot of older Christians have an unhealthy obsession with Israel. They view the country as sacred, and support it both politically and financially. I’ve always believed that since God created everything, no