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What Happens after Death

Dear Roger, Where do we go after death until the judgement? Sincerely, Betty Dear Betty, Death and dying are on the back burners of everyone’s minds, from preschoolers to the oldest adult. Some nine-year-old children were asked what they thought of death and dying. Brittney: “When you die, they bury you in the ground and your

Reasons We Struggle with Gluttony

Dear Roger, I am a glutton. I know I am because I weigh too much. My BMI is just inside of obese. I’ve tried Weight Watchers and Slimfast and support groups. I’ve counted calories. Three times in my life I have crashed dieted and lost over 50 pounds. Unfortunately, within three months I gained it

Why Is Listening for God So Important

Dear Roger, I’m reading through Solomon’s book of Ecclesiastes and two thoughts grab my attention. First, it’s so depressing. Solomon says that everything is “vanity” or “worthless emptiness.” Second, I found it quite intriguing that in chapter five Solomon was adamant that we keep our mouths shut when we come before God in prayer.Could you throw some light on this? Love, Mary Beth

17 Things the Bible Tells Us about Angels

Dear Roger,Do angels leave feathers when they visit? Some people are telling me this and I don’t know what to believe.Sincerely, Genebeth Dear Genebeth,I do not believe that angels leave feathers to let people know that they have been there. There’s nothing in the Bible about this, so I would discount what people are telling you. Nevertheless, the