7 Solid Answers to the Question, ‘ Lord, are You Real?’

Have you ever asked, “Lord, are you real?” In the early days of my Christian faith, something rocked my spiritual boat. I don’t remember the specifics now, but I do recall the resulting uneasiness, confusion, and one simple question that filled my mind: Lord, are you real?

Call it a crisis of faith or something similar, but what if that one question prompts the beginning of a deepening walk with the Lord? It did for me and can for you as well. Its masquerade as a deal breaker might very well be the catalyst for a strong faith maker.

Let’s start with three places to which we can run when questions rise:

Surrounding ourselves with Christian faith-filled preaching and teaching is a sound response when we question whether God is real. Think Sunday sermons and daily podcasts.

A second solid step is prayer – asking God to show us His very personal and undeniable answer. Sometimes we simply don’t have the answer because we fail to ask the question.

Searching God’s Word for nuggets of proof is a third reliable place to land when questioning begins. Flip open the Bible to find the following seven solid answers to the question, “Lord, are you real?”

1. The universe exists because God exists.

Passion founder Louie Giglio created a series outlining the magnificence of our universe. Even if we haven’t watched this jaw-dropping piece on video, a simple glance at the nighttime sky assures there’s a much larger canvas than our eyes have ability to grasp.

God’s words thrust our universe into being, and even today that same universe acts as a billboard, advertising that God is indeed real.

“By faith, we understand that the universe has been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen has not been made out of things which are visible.” (Hebrews 11:3 WEB)

2. God created animals perfectly.

Imagine what this world would look like if people created and placed animals. Would there be prickly porcupines? How about scampering, leaping, nut-hauling rodents with furry tails? And what about our cuddly friends called cats? Would lovers of the fur-covered, paw-cleaning, seemingly self-sufficient felines overpower cat-loathing people? Or, would a society void of cats come to be?

Setting up the animal kingdom for success doesn’t seem to be a human strength. After all, we can’t even agree on cats! But God? He’s a different story. He marks the animal kingdom with a successful run, year after year. He creates with an incomparable flair – even animals.

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, the Holy One, to receive the glory, the honor, and the power, for you created all things, and because of your desire they existed, and were created!” (Rev. 4:11 WEB)

3. He keeps the creatures fed.

Take a glance outside. There’s likely a bird nearby. Consider how they are fed each day, how worms wriggle underneath the earth’s skin and how bugs scurry and flitter here and there, alerting our feathered friends of provision at hand. These attest to a very real and loving Father – One who cares. Who else holds concern for and provision to feed such a quantity of critters? That same kindness flows to us – forever if we’ll have it.

“Who gives food to every creature; for his loving kindness endures forever.” (Psalm 136:45 WEB)

“See the birds of the sky, that they don’t sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns. Your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren’t you of much more value than they?” (Matthew 6:26 WEB)

4. He knows our every thought.

The way God knows us, inside and out, offers comfort that far exceeds any human capability. When words seem impossible, a silent cry from the heart renders sufficient. He hears. He knows. And He answers. Thank God.

“Yahweh, you have searched me, and you know me. You know my sitting down and my rising up. You perceive my thoughts from afar.” (Psalm 139:1-2 WEB)

5. God has numbered the stars.

If we grab a quiet night, one with clear skies, we’ll find twinkles of white dotting the nighttime expanse. The quantity of stars abounds. Our God handily numbers and calls each by name. Can you imagine? Each glimmer reinforces the notion of a real God.

“He counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power. His understanding is infinite.” (Psalm 147:4-5 WEB)

6. He forgives us with loving-kindness.

Sometimes hurt feelings seemingly muffle our ability to forgive. But God doesn’t struggle there. Every mistake we make, each sin we willingly commit, our Father deems pardonable. Feelings don’t dictate His flow of forgiveness, even with the unthinkable, because God’s loving-kindness runs thick.

“Who is a God like you, who pardons iniquity, and passes over the disobedience of the remnant of his heritage He doesn’t retain his anger forever, because he delights in loving kindness.” (Micah 7:18 WEB)

7. God is our Counselor.

Consider the difference between a stranger waving and smiling at us versus a friend’s attempt. One knows us by name. The other? Not so much.

The Holy Spirit, like our familiar comrade, intertwines and enhances our life with familiarity. We’re not strangers to Him. He offers wise counsel, insight threaded with a beautiful, personal touch. When our faith collides with such counsel, footing for solid faith awaits. Our question finds its answer, and we’ll likely never be moved again.

“But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and will remind you of all that I said to you.” (John 14:26 WEB)

May the verses lending assurance of our Father resonate well with those of us questioning now.

If you’re asking, “Are you real, God?” consider uttering the words of this prayer:

Father, thank You for the one reading this. You know their questions. You know their heart. May this one come to a very personal, Spirit-led answer that yes, You are real. I pray their faith deepens as a result of these solid answers, that they allow Your strong counsel to prop them solidly in Christian faith. And may they never again be moved. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

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