5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lust

bible verses-women

1.“Described by Dante’s Inferno.”

The writer describes souls given to the sin of lust as being blown about by torrential winds. Their inability to exercise self-control keeps them from accessing the virtues of the spiritual life.

2.”Overtakes The Heart.”

Lust builds many idols in the heart for things that are in direct opposition to the Kingdom of God reigning with sovereignty. An idolatrous heart creates a sandy foundation and prevents one from living with sound spiritual and emotional stature.

3.“Doesn’t have to include physical action.”

In one of His teaching moments, Jesus Christ described that a man doesn’t have to physically commit adultery to be guilty. Instead, He says when a man lusts adulterously after a woman they have already sinned against God in their heart.

4.”Leads to addiction.”

The vice leads to addiction which often lives itself out in secret. When a soul is broken and uses temporal worldly remedies, the soul develops an unhealthy attachment further cultivating a need for lust in one’s life.

5.“Numbs the soul from deliverance.”

Lust is a quick fix to a deep rooted soul issue, lack of intimacy with God. When a person refuses to bring their issues to God to heal and tries to replace it with the world’s solution it will always leads to an idolatrous, lustful heart that cannot receive from God.