3 Pieces of Relationship Advice We Should All Stop Listening to.


1.As You Get Older, You Should Lower Your Relationship Expectations

Just because you’re growing in age doesn’t mean you have to lower your relationship expectations. So many singles get lost in the “I’ll take what I can get at my age” mentality that they think they’re not worthy of a partner who meets their standards. Contrary to the belief that you have to compromise your desires with age, relationship partners get better with age. Why? Because they’re generally more established, comfortable in their own skin and know exactly what they’re looking for (and not looking for) in a relationship too. This doesn’t mean that you should have an overwhelming list of unrealistic expectations, but you shouldn’t lower your standards just to be with someone.

2.You Should Follow the Rules of Dating

How many of us have hesitated to pick up the phone and call or text someone because we think we’re supposed to wait until they hit us up first? How many of us pretend to be busy to seem less interested so that the person can wonder about us? If you think with dating comes rules, you’re probably allowing conventional dating expectations dictate your actions in the relationship. As much as we think men and women play relationship games, we’re often the game players and culprits of our own demise. If you want to be the first person to reach out, go ahead. If you want to go out on the second date the next night, go ahead. We get in the way of our own happiness when we limit our actions in an effort to not look pressed or needy. Show the person that you’re with that you really care.

3.Your Partner Should Be Your Soulmate

So many people get lost in the idea of soulmates and prince charmings sweeping us off our feet that they miss out on the beautiful relationship opportunities right in front of them. Strong relationships require work and build over time. When you buy into the soulmate notion, it can leave you discontent and wondering if you are dating or married to the wrong person because you believe there’s someone better out there. These thoughts can and will cause you to drift from your partner and can ultimately eat away at your relationship. Yes, you and the person you’re with should connect on a soul level, but the idea that every person has a “soulmate” who completes them…They just don’t exist.