5 Steps to Improve Your Marriage in Just One Week

1.Share Household Tasks

When you and your spouse are unhappy about the division of household chores or tasks, the stress level in your marriage can increase dramatically.
If one spouse is taking over more tasks than the other, consider taking on a non-routine task this week or simply helping them with what they’re doing.
If you see your wife or husband sweeping consider pulling out the vacuum or if you see your wife beginning to wash the dishes, consider wiping them down and putting them in the cupboard.
Doing these simple tasks may not seem like a lot but it can make a world of difference to your spouse. Ultimately, it shows that you care about sharing responsibilities.
It can also cut down on the time a task takes to complete.

2.Saying ‘I’m Sorry’

Saying sorry isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you believe you’ve done nothing wrong or pride is involved. While apologizing doesn’t come easy to many of us, but saying you’re sorry can make the biggest difference in a marriage.
Apologies help repair relationships by getting people talking again, and make both parties feel more comfortable with each other again. The specific words you use to apologize are less important to the person you’ve upset than the act itself, meaning, if you’re not exactly sure what to say, a heartfelt sorry can go a long way.
It’s important to note how important genuineness is here. The truth is insincere apologies can be worse than none at all. Consider telling your spouse “I’m sorry” this week when you’ve done something that may have hurt them or when something that has happened has hurt them.
Saying these two words multiple times this week can really change how your spouse looks at you.

3.Practicing Forgiveness

One secret to a healthy marriage is forgiveness. Let’s face it, people are not perfect. No matter how close to a complete soulmate we find, every individual is incredibly different from the next.
However, if we want to enjoy a lasting relationship with someone we value and choose to spend our lives with, we have to grow in our ability to forgive. Couples who practice forgiveness tend to have more positive motivation toward their partner.
In other words, they drop the case rather than holding a grudge or harboring resentment. It’s important that you put effort into maintaining a positive marriage, in which you are less hostile and punishing.
If there is an issue you’ve had trouble letting go, let your spouse know that you are working through it this week. Your spouse simply knowing that you’re being intentional about this can make all the difference.

4.Make Your Spouse a Priority

Show your spouse they come first this week by showing them they are a priority.
This could mean making them breakfast before work, leaving a sweet love note or sending flowers to their job, especially during a super busy week. Increasing the happiness in your marriage and your life overall doesn’t come from doing monumental things once a month.
It happens when you make the choice to do the little things that matter most each and every day. Your marriage should come first. It is meant to be your still point in a turning world.
Allow it to be that. Tell your spouse that they come first and make your marriage one of your greatest priorities. Begin by telling your spouse, “I want to make you and our marriage a priority every day of my life. What does that look like to you?” What you think signifies making your spouse a priority could turn out to be completely different than how you see it.

5.Saying ‘Thank You’

A major key to a happy, healthy marriage is saying “thank you.” Couples who express gratitude for each other during good times are buffered from the withering effects of lousy times. Saying “thank you” to your partner is so powerful, in fact, that couples who make it a habit are less affected by poor communication and other marital stressors. Saying “thank you” tells your partner that you appreciate what they’ve said or done. It shows gratitude. Many of us have trouble accepting compliments, even from our spouses. We tend to qualify and clarify, often demeaning ourselves in the process. This week, consider telling your spouse thank you, every time they do something to help your household. This is another way to show them how much you value all the things they do.