10 Things You Should Never Expect From Others

Don’t expect so much, you’ll get hurt.
The word “expectation” is probably one of the most powerful words in the world. We all have our fair share of expectations from others that we like to live on and be content with. Keeping expectations from others is not a bad thing, as long as your expectations are met.

But in a realistic world, most of the time our expectations are left unfilled and are forgotten. This article is for you guys to be stronger and happier with your own selves and to expect less from everyone else.

As always, I’m going to be using my own life’s examples to give you guys a better outlook on expectations. These are the ten things you should never expect from others, no matter how close you think you are with them. Hope you guys are enlightened after this.

1. Don’t Expect Them To Fall For You

Last but definitely not the least, you just can’t expect anyone to fall in love with you just because you are in love with them. Love is pure and healthy only when it’s unconditional and natural, it should not have any external forces forcing it upon anyone. You may love someone more than you want yourself to and they may not love you back, it’s not their fault. You’re just expecting too much from someone and you’re putting yourself in a lot of traumatic situations because of it. Don’t ever think that you won’t be loved by anyone in your life, just wait for the right person. You don’t want a one sided relationship, do you? Be patient, have faith, and you will find the one who’s meant for you.

2. Don’t Expect Them To Forget The Past

Moving on from a horrible past is one of the hardest things to do, no matter how strong you are. I still remember the traumas that happened with me four years ago no matter how badly I try to forget them. But I don’t cry over them anymore because I had a lot of support from people who really helped me be stronger than I used to be. So don’t expect anyone to just “get over it” and “move on” because no – it’s not that simple.

3. Don’t Expect Them To Be Strong

No matter how strong we may be or appear to be, we all have our weaknesses. We all have those triggers that suddenly take all of our strength away and just bring tears to our eyes. You can never expect anyone to just be strong. You just can’t tell people to “be strong” because they just can’t and you saying that won’t help them in any way. You need to respect the fact that people have weaknesses and it’s your job to be their strength when they can’t be strong on their own.

4. Don’t Expect Them To Be “OK”

You guys have read my life’s story, you know how hard it’s been for me. I also know how hard it’s been for each and every one of you and I respect you guys for that. No one is leading an easy life, we all go through our fair share of ups and downs and that’s what makes us stronger in the end. So never expect anyone to just be “OK” because you’re going through a happy phase in life. Respect their downs and support them out of their problems. Only then will you find yourself surrounded with immense support when you face your traumas.

5. Don’t Expect Them To Change
The idea of individuality keeps coming up in this article because it’s a beautiful thought. People don’t change, people have their own traits, their own strengths and weaknesses and that’s what makes them amazing people. You simple can’t expect anyone to change just because you want them to. If anyone makes a mistake and they apologize for it, that is the only one scenario in which you can expect them to change but keep in mind that it’s not easy for anyone to leave their roots so don’t give them a hard time while they try.

6. Don’t Expect Them To Respect You

After I left med-school, I got a lot of slack from my friends and family. I usually got to hear things like “he’s a loser” and “he’s going to be a failure in life”. The same people are trying to get five minutes of my time today. This happened because I never expected anyone to expect my decisions, but they expected me to do it in return. The only person who should respect you is you yourself. Everyone else follows.

7. Don’t Expect Them To Read Your Mind

This one is especially for the ladies out there. I’m a guy and it gets a little frustrating sometimes when a girl says “it’s okay” and “nothing’s wrong” when she’s actually thinking the exact opposite in mind. Same case goes for guys too but in my line of work this seems to be more common with girls. You just simply can’t expect anyone to know what you’re thinking or what’s going through your mind. Yes, they might be able to tell if you’re upset, but no one can pin point the reason out unless you let them know. Don’t over complicate things, help them help you.

8. Don’t Expect Them To Be How You Want Them To

As I mentioned earlier, you have your own beautiful individuality – well, so does everybody else. You just can’t expect anyone to be the way you want them to be or see them being, they’ll be whoever they want to and at their own pace. Your only part is someone else’s life is to be as supportive as you can be of their individual pros and cons. If you can love someone for who they are, you’re going to be loved for being you too.

9. Don’t Expect Them To Like You

You are an individual, you are an amazing human being, you have your own identity, learn to love it and don’t ask to be loved for who you are. The strongest of people are those who love themselves in their own perfect way. If you expect people to like you for who you are, you’ll only be putting yourself in a traumatic situation for later. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll eventually find people in life who will actually love you for who you are in every sense of the word, but those people are one in a million.

I have a certain someone in my life who loves my individuality and I do hers, so keep your hopes up. I got to this position by not expecting anyone to love me or like me for who I was, patience and perseverance in your best bet. Just love yourself completely, so much so that you don’t even feel like you’re alone anymore.

10. Don’t Expect Them To Agree With You

This may sound harsh but it’s the truth, most people are not going to agree with you in life. By expecting people to agree with you, you’re putting yourself in a very weak position. Everyone has their own point of views on things and it’s really hard to find someone with matching states of mind (you’re really lucky if you actually do). You, as an individual, are an amazing person. You have every right to be happy and to be heard. You deserve to live your life your own way. You can only achieve these things if you let others do it their own way too. You need to approve of your own decisions and you shouldn’t expect others to agree with them.

That’s one of the ways of getting ahead in life, and the reason why I am where I am today. When I was leaving med-school, people told me that I’m not doing the right thing. That I shouldn’t pursue my dreams as a web developer and I should just follow what everyone else follows. But I didn’t expect them to agree with me so I happily did whatever I had to do. And when I look back at all of it today, I could not be more glad of my decision. So make your own decisions, don’t expect approvals.

Final Thoughts

As I end this article, I just want you guys to learn from it. The lesser expectations you have from the world, the happier you’ll be in life. Take it from me, I’m a living breathing example of how keeping little to no expectations is actually one of the best things you can do to yourself. Be the amazing person you are and love yourself. Stay blessed, everyone. My article on “Long Distance Relationships” is going to be out by tomorrow, hope you guys enjoy it. Until next time.

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