7 Things Atheists Get Wrong About God

Christian author Graham Veale challenges the popular arguments of New Atheists in his new book, New Atheism: A Survival Guide. Here are seven things atheists misunderstand about God.

Faith In Science

Atheists find in science a method of understanding their surrounding reality with provable data. The human mind left to itself, lusts for understanding and reason of all it observes. So it’s normal to want to explain how the earth was formed, how mankind came to being and where do we go after we die.

Here’s where they get it wrong: The Bible says, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways. Finite human logic does not have the capacity to fully comprehend the infinite spiritual reality. Veale writes, “Science cannot explain God away because…there is no incompatibility between theism and science.”

Reason Is King
Reason, for the Atheist, makes the need for religion unnecessary. Their world is shaped by examining evidence and drawing conclusions to solve everyday practical problems.

Here’s where they get it wrong: What happens when circumstances go beyond the problem-solving ability of reason? Issues such as: death, life, sickness, spiritual encounters, miraculous cures, matters of the heart, human nature and true stories of Divine intervention. A lack of trust in God, by refusing faith, can never explain away His existence and evidence of His presence in the physical world.

Where Is God In World Suffering

Here is one of the most popular questions for those who seek to usurp the theist argument, “If there is a God worthy of worship, why does He allow suffering?”

Here’s where they get it wrong: Human beings are free-will, moral acting agents on the earth…not robots. God gives man the gift of choice and choosing to make the right decision is of more value to God than forcing the behavior…He’s after the rightness of heart.

Theism vs. Science
Atheists depend on the laws of nature in science to explain the different events and particles within the universe.

Here’s where they get it wrong: Science is unable to explain why those laws to govern exist in the first place. God, through Intelligent Design, gives this answer by providing that the universe was created, planned and ordered by a rational agent –Himself.

Built-In Morality

Atheists have a difficult time explaining human morality and suggest that this is an offspring of evolution.The idea that all humans can agree on certain issues of right and wrong suggest a higher, common law written in our conscience. There are certain things we innately know are inhumane.

Here’s where they get it wrong: Atheism would relegate this to an unexpected consequence of human evolution; however evolution cannot explain morality and the consistency of human agreement on common issues of right and wrong.

Calling & Purpose
The theory of evolution says that human life is unintended, consequential, sporadic and a by-product of an unloving universe.

Here’s where they get it wrong: All humans are wired for love, belonging and a deep sense of purpose which shows a higher-intentionality beyond what we see in evolution. We are relational beings that can enter into relationship with a relational God, because we are made in His image.

The Gift of Eternal Life

Atheists see Christianity as an academic pursuit or intellectual exercise by those who refuse to accept scientific data as doctrine. The underlying blasphemy for Atheists is the Christian belief that humanity is flawed and in need of a Savior.

Here’s where they get it wrong: The Gospel explains God’s greatest act of sacrificial love to restore the relationship between both God and man. Jesus’ ministry and the power of His resurrection defies science and human logic altogether. God is laser-focused on insuring our relationship with Him not only on earth, but throughout all eternity. He endured the cross to make this possible.

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Source: beliefnet.com