7 Ways to Have a Deep Conversation with God

God wants to have a deep conversation with you. Why? Because He wants you to feel comfortable speaking to Him and opening your heart to the wonderful gifts He has to offer! Speaking with God will help grow your faith, lift your mood and feel more close to him. God wants to have a relationship with you; you just have to listen to what He is saying.

Easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be. Having a deep and meaningful conversation with God starts with having an open heart and a willingness to learn and accept Him. It can be easy to fall into the habit of having quick chats with God through a daily prayer, but is that allowing you to speak to Him about what is really happening in your life? Does it allow you to listen to what He responds with?

Build a real relationship with God by allotting time to dedicate to building a relationship. Deep conversations with the Lord will change the way you live your faith!

Feel God’s Presence

Although God is constantly present with you, you can sense His presence especially well during prayer. The Bible promises that when you draw near to God, He will draw near to you. God does so by communicating to you through His Holy Spirit. Prayer is meant to be a two-way conversation between you and God. When you experience prayer as a real conversation, you’ll emerge from every prayer session changed for the better.

Take time to let go of worldly distractions and focus solely on feeling God’s presence around you. You will be able to build a deep connection by keeping the conversation open and concentrating on God’s responses. Even if you feel you don’t have the words to say, He knows how you feel.

Read His Messages in the Bible

When you read the Bible or complete a devotional, speak to God! You can enjoy conversations with God by asking Him questions about verses you are reading, how you can apply it to your life, and writing down what you hear from Him. Start by asking God to help quiet your mind so you won’t be distracted. Read the passages in your Bible slowly and reflect on each key phrase. Read over what you have written and see if God is speaking to you through those words. How will you respond to His message? Keep an open dialogue with the Lord during your study!

Open Your Heart to His Love

One important part of developing a deep relationship with God is opening your heart up to Him. There is no reason to be shy or cautious about how you feel, the things you are thinking, or the questions you have. Open your heart to His love and you will experience the hope, power, joy, and peace that God has! By allowing yourself to be vulnerable God will be able to move your life in blessed and mysterious ways. Surrender your past pain, current worries, and future plans to God and welcome Him to work through you. Meditate on the love the Lord has for you and joy will flood your soul!

Praise Him

When you praise God through prayer, you can connect with Him directly, since He will respond to your praise by pouring His love into your soul. Speak or sing words of praise to God when you pray weather you are alone or at a church service. Have fun and celebrate the amazing gifts the Lord has blessed you with! You can seek to live a lifestyle of worship by praying for God’s guidance about how you can best serve Him. By worshiping Him in all aspects of your life – home, work, and the like – you will create a meaningful relationship.

Take Action

You have been listening to God, but what is He asking you to accomplish? It is a waste to hear from the Lord but then fail to do what He wants you to do. Be sure to obey the messages you receive from Him that He gives you during prayer. Take whatever steps necessary to respond faithfully! This will help build a deeper relationship with the Lord. By following Him and His commandments, you will begin to understand the role He has in your life and the spiritual gifts He has blessed you with. You can then discuss the actions He asked you to take and how they helped you grow more spiritually.

Become His Friend

A friend of God is one who values His presence, lives a life of faith, and joyfully seeks God in every aspect of life. Take a step back and ask yourself, are you a friend of God or more of His acquaintance? To have deeper conversations with the Lord, it’s important to also strive to be His friend. Like a friend, you should feel comfortable opening up to God about anything and everything. You must learn to trust Him in times of trial, and thank him in times of blessing. It’s okay to tell Him you feel angry, sad and happy! Treat Him as the person you think of when you get exciting news because you just can’t wait to share it with them.

Converse with Him

Creating a loving, caring, deep and meaningful relationship with God doesn’t have to be hard. God is always by your side and is listening even when you don’t know the words to say. Pay attention to the response God conveys to you and continue to converse with Him on a daily basis to help the bond flourish and grow.

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