6 Things the Devil Will Trick You into Believing

The Devil is sly and malicious, with hopes of destroying your relationship with God. Avoid these six lies he will trick you into believing.

That Happiness Is Unattainable

The Devil wants you to stress about things outside of your control so that you don’t rely on Christ, the One who strengthens, but that you will rely on the Enemy, the one who will do everything in his power to make you doubt all forms of joy and happiness. He wants you confused, anxious, even angry about your life circumstances so that you will and eventually become distant from God, and rely on your own understanding.

That God’s Word Isn’t Real

The Devil wants to trick you into believing the Bible is a collection of myths, in hopes that you will doubt God’s Word and even His existence. He also wants you to believe that the Bible, written nearly 3500 years ago is no longer relevant in our modern world because it was written so long ago. But God’s Word is real and has real significance. Not only was it written by more than 40 different writers over a 2000-year span with remarkable consistency, it explains life and the human experience in a way no other book has or ever will.

That You Aren’t Significant

While God wants you to live a life filled with purpose, the Devil wants the opposite for you. He doesn’t want you to think or care about your thoughts, attitude, words or actions and will trick you into believing you aren’t significant. If he gets you to believe your life is without purpose, then you will live a life of sin, out of tune with God. But your life is so significant. God knew you before you were even born. Remember, He knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

That Church Isn’t Important

The Devil wants you to believe that you don’t have to go to church because it isn’t important, at least when it comes to your individual relationship with God. What does church really have to do with your personal relationship with Him? But the church isn’t just a structure – it is a physical representation of Christ in the world. Members of this body not only share a common bond as Christians, but are also joined in Christ in Salvation. The church is the body of Christ and each of us serves a unique, but significant role in it (1 Corinthians 4:12).

That Gossip Does No Harm, And Your Words Can’t Hurt

The Devil wants you to spread gossip and bad news so that you will focus on the negative and not believe in God’s goodness or His blessings. If he tricks you into thinking gossip does no harm, you will then believe there’s nothing wrong in spreading harmful or malicious words which can hurt the people you love, and allow you to develop a negative occurring of the world around you, which has an impact on all that you do.

That The Physical World Outweighs the Spiritual World

If the Devil can get you to believe the physical world is more real than the spiritual world, he can trick you into pursuing things like money, power and fame and have you believing that materialistic things are more important than being in a relationship with God. If you think this, then you won’t seek first the kingdom of God. But there is far more greatness in God’s Heavenly Kingdom than any material possession we acquire while in physical form on Earth. Remember, Earth is now. Heaven is forever.

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Source: beliefnet.com