11 Sneaky Lies Satan Wants You to Believe

The Prince of Darkness desires for each of us to live selfish, miserable, lonely lives. He whispers his temptations in the most attractive and convincing manner. Why? He wanted to rule heaven and led a revolt of the angels – but was no match for the Almighty. Instead, he was thrown out and doomed to eternal punishment. Now, he stalks the earth, awaiting his doom. And he wants to take you with him …

The only way that he can get any kind of revenge and actually hurt the Almighty is to get to you – the one whom God so greatly loves. Satan cannot touch God. He cannot cause the Creator any sort of harm, so instead, he focuses on you, undermining your trust in your Heavenly Father and separating you from the One who created you in His own image. Satan will tell any lie in order to get you to do the wrong thing. However, you don’t have to fall for it …

Satan wants you to believe that he’s stronger than God. “I once heard a lady say that she wouldn’t pray out loud because she was afraid that the devil would intercept her prayer before it got to God,” writes Kathy Gates, a professional life coach, writing for the website Christian Mommies . “That’s giving the devil more power than God, and that’s a mistake.

You already know that the Devil will do just about anything to get your attention. Did you ever stop to think that he’s lying to you about almost everything every day? These lies can become so pervasive, that they almost don’t seem like lies anymore.”

The enemy wants you to believe God’s Word is not true. “Think about how powerful that lie is,” writes blogger Douglas Hoff. “If the Bible’s not true, there’s no need to obey it. The devil doesn’t care if you hang onto part of the truth, because he has you where he wants you if don’t have all of it. He doesn’t mind if people call the Bible ‘a good guidebook’ as long as he can convince people it is full of errors and man-made stories.”

Satan wants you to think badly of God, too. If the devil can get you thinking negatively about your loving Father, he has you doubting the Lord’s loving goodness. The first recorded words of Satan as he crawled into history are, Did God really say…? “His very first words are an attempt to introduce a negative thought about God,” writes Dr. Barry L. Davis on the Mind of Christ website. “God is not a negative God – He is full of grace, mercy, and love.”

One big lie: There is no such thing as absolute truth. “There are those who hold to the position that truth is completely subjective, that truth is within the mind of the individual,” advises the website of the West End Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky. ”What that ultimately means is truth to a particular person is essentially whatever he wants it to be.

But may I suggest to you that when it comes to spiritual matters there is an absolute and objective truth, and that truth is very must attainable and understandable. It is the truth of God’s word, and we have that truth preserved for us right here in the Bible. And please be advised that the truth of God’s Word is infallible and unchangeable. It doesn’t change according to one person’s view. It doesn’t change according to time or season. Truth is truth and will always be truth regardless of our attitude towards it or ignorance of it. Likewise, the truth of God’s Word, no matter how it is viewed, will not change.”

Another big lie: You don’t have to worry about Satan. “According to a Barna poll, 60 percent of American Christians believe he is just a symbol of evil, not a real, living being or person,” writes commentator Micah Jones. “That statistic amazes me. What that tells me is that the majority of Christians do not believe the Bible.”

Satan wants you to believe that God is boring, “but the opposite is true,” writes Anna Finley on her blog Journey With the Creator. “God sits on a throne, encircled by a rainbow, with flashes of lightning and peals of thunder permeating the atmosphere around Him.

In front of Him is a sea of glass that sparkles like crystal, along with four creatures, covered with eyes, who look like a lion, an ox, a man, and a flying eagle. Day and night these creatures never stop saying, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.’ Yeah, right, and God is supposed to be ‘boring?’ I don’t think so! Read Revelation chapter four for more details.”

Satan wants you to think he’s not real, that he’s not a threat. The French poet Charles Baudelaire said, “My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!” That’s exactly where we are today, writes Jones, “We think that we have some new truth, when the real truth is that Satan wants to kill you and your family.

You don’t need to deny the existence of Satan, you just need to realize the truth: Satan is defeated, Jesus already did it. You just stand strong in that and resist him – and he will flee. The Bible says so. God says so.”

This one’s a biggie in America: The main thing that God wants for you is to be happy in this life and in this world. “I hate to break it to you, but that sentiment is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Bible,” writes Jones, “That’s one of your American rights, but not necessarily one of your Christian rights. Don’t get me wrong, God wants you to be happy. ‘The Joy of the Lord is your strength,’ (Nehemiah 8:10). In fact someone who is truly seeking to know Him in the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering is happier than anyone else on Earth. It’s just not God’s main goal for you.

It may not even be on His top-ten list of goals for you. As Americans we are repeatedly reminded that it is one of our country’s main purposes, giving you a place to pursue happiness. As a Christian you should be happy, you should have Joy. Too many Christians are worried, troubled, depressed, and drugged. They wouldn’t be if they would stop pursuing happiness and instead pursue the ‘unsearchable riches of Christ’ (Ephesians 3:8).”

Church is not important. “Our nation is full of people who refuse to go to church because they don’t want some guy in a suit telling them how to live,” writes Davis. “They want independence and autonomy, and that’s what Satan promises them. But Satan is a liar – He never quite delivers on his promises. He told Eve she would know good and evil, but he didn’t tell her what that knowledge would do to her soul.”

This lie manifests itself in many different ways, writes Jones. “This lie subtly creeps into a Christian’s heart. It blows my mind how many Christians just don’t show up at church because ‘My relatives are in town and they didn’t want to come.’ Hello! Maybe you could bring them to church and get them saved.”

Another lie: If you’re going to attend church, once or twice a year is enough. The lie goes something like this: “You only need to go church every once in a while – maybe on Christmas or Easter,” writes Hoff. “Other excuses include: ‘You deserve a day to rest after you’ve worked so hard to provide for your family.

No one there cares about you anyway so you might as well stay home. You certainly don’t want to go to that boring Bible class.’” In fact, “The devil knows if he can keep you out of church, he can keep you out of heaven! The church is like a human body. “It needs every part to function properly and if he can keep you away from the rest of the body, not only does he get you, but he also weakens the church.”

Satan wants you to think God is a tyrant. “ Satan wanted Eve to think of God as being severe; he wanted her to believe that God was cruel,” writes Davis. “There are many people in our world who are going to hell because they think God is unfair. They want to blame the evil men do on God, and they reject the Lord due to Satan’s deceit. The devil wanted Eve to view God as a cosmic killjoy, so straight ‑ laced that He had forbidden any type of enjoyment.

Satan still wants people to think that, so he propagates the myth that the fun things in life are illegal, immoral, or fat tening. He wants us to believe that every time God sees someone having pleasure, He moves to break it up.”

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Source: beliefnet.com