8 Steps to Become Who God Wants You To Be

In his new book, Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are, Craig Groeschel sets readers on the path from their lukewarm, dissatisfied sense of self to an affirmed, Christ-like identity with the freedom to live boldly. Are you ready to become who God wants you to be? Follow these 8 steps on your journey to the new you.

Be Patient: Proverbs 16:32

Living with patience is better than muscling forward to demand what you want before the time is right. Self-control often unlocks the door to blessings that are longer lasting and more meaningful. Patience comes from knowing that you already have enough of what you need the most.

Live with Integrity: Psalm 15:1-5

You become a person of your word as you allow Christ to live through you. Don’t just try to line up your behavior with your beliefs. Learn what matters to God. Find out his beliefs. Then make them your own. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to transform you. Integrity really does matter.

Live with Honor: Isa. 29:13

It’s because of what he did that we are who we are. Living with honor reminds us of who we really are, who God is, and how much he loves those around us. When we place our selfish egos on the altar of honor, we become aware of the value that God places on each and every life, including our own.

Be Grateful: Isa. 55:1-2

Living with gratitude can change the way you experience your life. Let go of longing for what you don’t have, chasing after things that never satisfy you longer than a few minutes. Give God thanks for all that you have. Know that you have everything that you need right now.

Live Boldly: Acts 4:13

I challenge you in the boldest way possible to be the real deal. Refuse to be a halfhearted, lukewarm Christian. Fall so in love with God that everywhere you go, you overflow with a spiritual boldness of love and compassion that draws people to the joy of life in Christ.

Pray Boldly: Acts 4:23-24, 29, 31

Pray the impossible. It’s so easy to pray soft, safe, sterile prayers. But when we crucify our doubts and live in the security of who God is, we can’t help but pray bold prayers. Our altar ego builds a bold faith in an amazingly audacious God.

Speak Boldly: Acts 4:31
You might not feel bold with words. But as you get to know Christ and you become who you are supposed to be, you simply can’t hold back. We speak boldly about what we believe deeply.

Be Bold in Obedience: Acts 5:28-29

We act boldly based on what we believe deeply. We obey boldly when we trust God completely. It’s not an option, a subjective accessory to your faith; it’s a main ingredient, a must-have. When you fall so in love with God, you don’t care what anybody else thinks, what anybody else says, how foolish it makes you look, or how weird it may seem by everyone else’s standards. You must obey God rather than people

In Conclusion

If you want to move your ego out of the way and live by your altar ego, then you must be a servant of Christ. You know that no matter what others say, they can’t stop you. They can threaten you, intimidate you, beat you, lock you up, but your faith will not waver. Why? You’re no longer who you thought you were. You are now who you were meant to be.

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Source: beliefnet.com