5 Spiritual Weapons for the End Times

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The End Times are upon us. While it hasn’t happened already, soon our very existence will be threatened and we will have to make a choice in how we will respond. First, we can respond in fear by choosing to stay in our comfort zone and believe that it will never truly impact us personally. We can also hide out in fear, just waiting for Jesus’ return. Next, we can deny that the signs of the end times are happening all around us.

There’s also the option of becoming focused on self-protection so that we are not focused on others or we can do the opposite by becoming passive, believing the lie that things are so bad, there’s nothing we can do to make an impact. Then, there’s the final option. We can start using the spiritual weapons of warfare that God has given us. As believers, we are engaged in spiritual battle. This makes it crucial that we put on the whole armor of God.

The enemy wants to stop the fulfillment of God’s promises. In these uncertain end times, it’s important that we are equipped with practical strategies to defeat the enemy. Here are five spiritual weapons for the End Times, based on the book “Spiritual Warfare for the End Times” by Derek Prince.

God’s Word

God’s Word is the most powerful spiritual weapon for the End Times. It’s important that we use His Word to combat the enemy and all his evil forces. Prince points out that in order to overcome evil, we must be alive in Christ – having access to God’s resources, wisdom, power and weapons He has placed at our disposal. “In order to overcome evil, we must be acquainted with the Bible,” Prince says, “We must know what the Bible teaches about evil. We must also know the provision God has made for us to overcome evil.”

Most people don’t know how to use the Word of God against the devil – even people who have been in the church for years who have heard the Word the whole time. But hearing the Word isn’t the same as using the Word. Being able to use God’s Word against Satan is one of the most important marks of spiritual maturity, Begin with key verses in areas where you’re often tempted. Then, when you’re tempted, you’ll be able to use God’s Word against Satan.


Revelation 12:1 points out the spiritual weapons we must utilize: “And they [believers on earth] overcome him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” This is the same Lamb pointed out in John 1:29 who takes away the sin of the world. Prince says, “Testifying is the personal action that makes this truth operative. If we do not testify, nothing goes into operation. Our personal testimony is the action that triggers the whole process and brings Satan’s defeat.”

When we begin to testify the Word of God, we experience a special kind of opposition and begin to do the devil harm. The devil is fine with us believing whatever we like to believe until we begin to share our testimony. That’s when he really gets rattled. When you do this, the enemy will do everything he can to frighten and discourage you because He wants to keep you from declaring the Word of God. But your testimony has greater power!


Prayer is an incredibly powerful spiritual weapon. It’s hardly a coincidence that the weapons of God’s Word and prayer are listed concurrently in Ephesians 6. While the Word itself is powerful and prayer is absolutely essential, combining the two is even more powerful still. As we abide in Him and His Word abides in us, we can more confidently pray His will, enabling us to battle the enemy. This doesn’t mean we need spend hours in prayer each day, it is simply a time to remind yourself who you are and where you are in Christ.

“You remind yourself of what Christ has done to the devil and the fact that the devil has no right of access to you,” Prince says. “You and I can serve Jesus without fear, having been delivered from the hands of our enemies.” Too often, people are praying ineffective prayers that can’t be answered because they are asking for what God has already given them. We are in a war and we need to pray like it.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In order to defeat the kingdom of darkness, God equips us with supernatural tools. One of those tools is the Holy Spirit. Prince writes, “God’s intention is to restore to His people the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are the tools and weapons that are needed for doing the work.” When a Christian is equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit, they have more power and more spiritual authority in them than all the power of the enemy.

We have been given divinely powerful weapons. However, few understand how to use them. It’s so important that this changes. Those who do not understand and walk in this authority, and know how to use these divinely powerful weapons, will find themselves in increasingly difficult situations and even jeopardy. The Lord gave us the armor and the weapons of our warfare because we need them.


One major and common reason why believers give Satan a legal claim in their lives is their failure to forgive others, Prince says. Jesus taught us that we are forgiven by God to the same degree we forgive others. “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” (Matthew 6:12). The truth is, we can’t claim forgiveness from God beyond the measure to which we forgive others.

Prince explains, “Essentially, when we refuse to forgive others, we allow Satan to have yet another legal claim. Do what you will, you cannot dislodge him until you have forgiven the one you need to forgive.” The devil is a legal expert and he knows it. The good news is God’s Word offers total forgiveness of sin and it is more imperative now than ever that we hold on to the total forgiveness by faith.

The apostle Paul taught, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4). This promise is life-changing, meaning the difference for us between victory and defeat during the coming days.

As the world gets darker and darker around us and we face greater spiritual battles than ever before, we have hope through Jesus Christ. Put on the full armor of God, trust in His Word and use these spiritual weapons that will prepare you for the End Times.

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Source: beliefnet.com