How to Pray for Those Affected by Texas Flooding

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I’m glued to the news and weather, watching as flood waters ravage parts of Texas. I’m also texting with friends in the Houston area to confirm their safety. I can’t help today in any physical ways with the Texas flooding, but I can pray. And that’s a powerful tool.

Maybe you are also watching from a distance and want to pray specifically, but you aren’t sure how. I’ve been brainstorming specific ways we can pray for the current flooding in Houston, south Texas, and beyond. These specific needs/items can be lifted to God in the wake of a wide range of natural events and disasters. And, this list is a work in progress. Please add ideas for specific prayers in the comment section. Let’s keep praying!

Pray for People in the Flooded Areas

Protection of all life, including family pets
Safe transportation to safe areas
Dry, comfortable lodging, safe drinking water, and nutritious food

Quick reunion for any separated families
Long-term housing for those who have lost homes
Ability to communicate with extended family and friends

Pray for Rescue Efforts by First Responders/Emergency Personnel

Reliable cell and phone service so citizens can summon help
Good, reliable communication between agencies

Safety for police officers, firemen, and emergency medical personnel
Strength, stamina and wisdom as they respond to the overwhelming need
Additional manpower from outside the area to meet the need

Pray for Ongoing Relief Efforts

Plenty of volunteer teams and government groups to respond to the need
Physical strength and stamina for the disaster relief teams

Coordination of all volunteer efforts so there will be no gaps and all needs will be met
Enough resources – money, supplies, equipment, food, and water – to meet the needs
Protect the resources from theft, fraud, and accident

Pray for Physical Conditions

Protection from additional rain and tornadoes
Open passages for built up/backed up water to safely drain away
Plenty of sources for clean drinking water
Clear roadways for emergency personnel

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List compiled by Kathy Howard © 2017
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