6 ways to know that God is speaking to you

Families today need the ability to know and understand God’s voice in their life. Husbands and wives need to recognize God’s voice so that they may learn how to build their marriage on a foundation of faith and selfless service. Mothers and Fathers need God’s voice to help guide them when raising and teaching their children and to help their children gain righteous values and moral character. Children need to recognize God’s voice so that they may be warned of danger when it arises and to help keep them from temptation when they are put in difficult situations.

In a world where fast-paced and high-tech living is the everyday norm, it can sometimes be difficult to hear the still small whisperings of the Spirit, which is one of God’s preferred ways of communication. Often times, even when we do hear it, it is difficult to distinguish among the many worldly voices drowning him out. If God’s voice is sometimes difficult for you or your children to recognize, remember, God most often speaks to the mind and heart. So, as you search your thoughts and feelings, here are six ways you can know if God is speaking to you.

Does it persuade you to do good?

If you’re suddenly inspired to do a good deed or you feel inclined to make things right by doing the right thing, then you can know that you are receiving communication from God. Everything good comes from God, and that includes thoughts of doing good.

Does it promote feelings of love?

Are you prompted to show kindness when indifference would be so much easier? Are you compelled to clothe the homeless, feed the hungry, or help a family in need? If your heart is full of love and concern for others, then you can know that God is speaking to you. It is his way of helping his children in need through you.

Does it enlighten your mind?

Are you inspired to create something beautiful, to learn something new or to gain further understanding? Does your path seem clear, is your mind quickened or do you see life in a new light? If so, then your mind has been enlightened by the spirit of God and he is communicating his light to your mind and heart. This is how God brings beauty, joy and pure understanding into the world.

Does it build you or someone else up?

Are your thoughts and feelings positive? Are they affirmative in nature? Are they uplifting and do they edify? Do they bring you to a higher place to stand? If they do, then you can be certain that you are hearing God’s voice speaking to your heart. God’s voice will always uplift and edify. He will never speak thoughts of doubt, discouragement or fear. God’s voice will always be a voice of hope.

Does it bring peace?

Do you feel at peace with a decision? Do you feel calm in a time of trial? Do you feel comforted in your sorrows? If you do, then God is with you speaking peace to your heart and bringing solace to your soul. This is how God comforts his children.

Does it inspire you to be better than you are?

Are you motivated to be better today than you were yesterday? Do you desire to create goals and work toward fulfilling them? Do you see the goodness in others and desire to create that goodness in yourself? If you have a desire to improve, then you are being driven by the voice of God as he molds you into the person he knows you can be. This is how God perfects his children.

God speaks to his children in many ways, and if you are listening, you can know when he is speaking to you and your children. If it invites you to do good, then you can be certain that it is from God. If you are doing your best to make the right choices in your life and you strive to live worthy of God’s spirit, you can know in your heart exactly what God is saying to you.

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Source: familyshare.com