11 Types of Angels for Every Need

There is an angel for every purpose under heaven. All angels offer guidance and protection, and you have an unlimited number of angels to call upon. But knowing an angel’s specialty can help you get divine assistance that is tailored to your specific needs.

The following are types of angels with unique qualifications. But don’t get too hung up on calling on the “right” angel—the important thing is that you call on an angel, period! If you know what type of angel you’d like to contact, you can address that group of angels directly. Or, if you’re not sure which angel you need, simply begin your thought, prayer or journal entry with the phrase “Dear angels.”

Remember, angels are always watching out for humans, yet the more we ask angels for assistance and intervention with our free will, the more celestial support the angels can bestow.

Guardian Angels

The most referenced type of angel is the Guardian Angel. Perhaps you were told as a child that a Guardian Angel watched over you, or as an adult you might have prayed—in a moment of desperation—to your Guardian Angel for help. The good news is Guardian Angels are not just a cultural conceit—Guardian Angels are very real, and you have more than one.

Guardian Angels are assigned to each human before birth, and Guardian Angels take a sacred oath to stay with you, and advocate for you, throughout your life. Guardian Angels love their job, and their energy is a maternal, nurturing one. But Guardian Angels only have one child, and that child—you—is their favorite.

The number of Guardian Angels assigned to humans will vary from person to person, depending upon the challenges and destiny of each individual. But no matter how many Guardian Angels you have, they work exclusively for you. Their entire existence is dedicated to helping you navigate and make the most of this earthly journey. Therefore Guardian Angels know every detail about your life, your every dream and goal, your fears and heartaches. Guardian Angels are also privy to Spirit’s plan for your life, including any obstacles or opportunities on the horizon.

Go to Guardian Angels with your most intimate prayers, the wishes closest to your heart. No one knows you better than your Guardian Angels.


Guardian angels may be the most well-known angels, but Archangels are probably the most intimidating and revered. Archangels like Michael, Ariel, Haniel, Uriel and Gabriel are divine entities that each embody an archetype. Archangel Michael is a warrior angel often pictured with a sword of light. He is a protector who walks beside us when we are facing a big challenge, lends us his courage and goes ahead to fight our battles and clear the path forward. Archangel Ariel is an angel of beauty, nature and abundance, who often enters our life to remind us that we are stronger, more capable and more resourceful than we realize.

Archangels are like generals, helping to oversee all other angels. They are incredibly powerful angels and their medicine is potent. However, you should not feel intimidated about calling on these angels. This is partly because the laws that govern this dimension do not exist in heaven. Archangel Gabriel can be bringing you a message from Spirit, while at the same time giving messages to people on the other side of the world.

Archangels are very busy, but they love to be called upon, and no concern is too big or small for their attention. Humans are never pestering Archangels with their prayers! So whenever you require extra help, call on an Archangel to be part of your angelic team (you can call on several angels at once). Since each Archangel has a specialty, do some research and decide which Archangel is best suited to assist you. Don’t be surprised if you get a gut instinct or other strong intuitive knowing about which Archangel to recruit.

Helper Angels

Ever hire a freelance employee? Just like freelance designers, babysitters, editors, accountants, therapists and housekeepers, you can also hire a freelance angel. And just like human freelancers, freelance angels, called Helper Angels, are experts in anything and everything you can imagine.

Helper Angels are roaming around just hoping someone will hire them—in other words, ask for their intercession. When you summon a Helper Angel they will stay with you until the project is completed. If you’re looking for the perfect prom dress and hire a personal-shopping angel, that assignment could only take your Helper Angel a couple of hours to complete. If you are a concert pianist and hire a Helper Angel who specializes in stage presence and performance, the collaboration between you and your Helper Angel could last a lifetime.

If you need assistance, for example, with finding your next home, be sure to hire a good Realtor. But don’t be shy about asking a Helper Angel who specializes in real estate to join your team. That Helper Angel might whisper the perfect neighborhood into your Realtor’s ear, give you an idea about how to finance the down payment or send you a mental image or dream of your future house so that you’ll intuitively know the right home for you when you see it.

Flower Angels

Flower Angels are not only concerned with flowers. Yet what better name for angels who are the keepers and protectors of both nature and beauty? Call on a Flower Angel if you are concerned about the conservation and wellbeing of the planet. If there is a wetlands, forest or other nature preserve in your area in danger of destruction, donate money and time, make peaceful protests but also call on Flower Angels to protect this land energetically. Flower Angels are intense activists and try diligently to convince humans to do the right thing by the earth, urging us through thoughts and feelings to take action and develop a strong environmental conscious.

If your life could do with an infusion of beauty—feeling blah and uninspired are good indications—call on Flower Angels to bring more beauty into your life. This could look like a neighbor suddenly giving you the perfect hand-me-down. You might be guided to check the sale rack at your favorite store for pretty items on deep discounts. Or you may be called to plant a garden outside or inside your home. Flower Angels realize that beauty is as vital to human survival as water and air.

Picture Flower Angels with colorful petals in their hair, hanging around your favorite woods or pond. Flower Angels inspire us to heal the planet and spend more time in nature, and to appreciate and create beauty.

Peace Angels

We’ve all prayed for big miracles: for our financial debt to magically disappear, for those devastating medical test results to be wrong, for a second chance to make a different choice. Big miracles happen. Definitely. But more often life is a series of tiny mini miracles—and discovering peace in the middle of a storm is one of them.

Peace Angels come into your life, or can be called into your life, to help you face the music, walk through the fire, solider on. Peace Angels’ message is: We know life is challenging right now, but we promise we can get through this time—together. Peace Angels know that some of the biggest insights you will ever have, some of your most precious memories and some of your greatest joy can come during crisis.

If there’s something or someone you need to be at peace with, call on a Peace Angel. They can work with you energetically to make you feel more calm, help you find the silver lining in dark times and show you the big picture so you can put your problems in perspective. Peace Angels, along with other counselors and health-care professionals, will stand by you on this journey, every step of the way.

Star Angels

Ever wish upon a star as a kid? Keep this practice up as an adult too, and it really will help your dreams come true. When you wish upon a star—whether it’s a real star or a metaphorical one—you are setting a powerful intention with your free will, and Star Angels are listening. Star Angels embody all the magic and mystery of the night sky, and they encourage you to dream big. Star Angels’ motto is: The sky’s the limit!

Star Angels help you manifest soul dreams, the goals that your divine higher self came here to accomplish and experience. Star Angels also assist you in discerning a soul dream from a goal that might take you off your path or simply be a distraction. Star Angels are excellent at bringing people and opportunities into your life that will jumpstart your dreams. If you’re working hard toward a big goal like changing professions, owning a home, starting a family, finding a romantic partner, getting out of debt or getting sober, you can make sure there are Star Angels by your side, cheering you on and sprinkling stardust over the situation to create moments of grace and greatness.

Stay in touch with your dreams—find ways to keep them alive and steadily work toward your heart’s desires. Star Angels know that wishing for a better life, for a new experience or to help others is what makes earthly life shine and twinkle. So reach for the stars!

Power Angels

You are more powerful than you realize—that is a message to you directly from the Power Angels, who encourage humans to own and stand in their power. If someone is trying to bully, disrespect or take advantage of you in any way, call on a Power Angel to remind you to defend yourself and set better boundaries. Power Angels also send us soul nudges, like gut instincts and convictions, so that we feel called to support people, animals and places that are disenfranchised, impoverished or victims of those more powerful and less compassionate than ourselves.

Power Angels want us to know that, just like angels, humans are incredibly powerful spiritual beings. Action heroes in comic books often have a special gift, and our special gift as humans is the free will given to us by Spirit. Power Angels enter our lives when we forget how strong and capable we are, when we need a boost of confidence. These angels might remind us of our unique qualities and talents by bringing a special assignment into our lives that allows us to get in touch with and recognize our abilities. Or Power Angels might send us a challenging situation that forces us to stand up for ourselves or take back control of our lives.

The job of a Power Angel is not to hold us up or save us, but to empower humans. Just like a ballerina has someone spotting her during those dazzling twirls, Power Angels are there to spot humans as we step into our power and become all we came here to be.

Messenger Angels

All angels are messengers, but there is a special group of angels who are devoted to relaying messages between the dimensions of heaven and earth. Messenger Angels travel at light speed, in the blink of an eye, as quickly and spontaneously as a thought.

Messenger Angels deliver important spiritual insights to humans on both an individual and global scale. These enlightening ideas are brought to us when we are open to them and capable of understanding them. Messenger Angels can also deliver those “aha” moments when you experience a wise realization about yourself, or a relationship or situation you’re in. Messenger Angels help raise the vibration and level of enlightenment on earth with their inspiring communiqués.

Spirit and the angels hear all our prayers of gratitude and calls for help instantly, but Messenger Angels make sure your request goes to just the right heavenly helper. Likewise, Messenger Angels can put a prayer or an idea into the mind of another human on your behalf, if, say, you want to send someone love or courage or support. Or if you need support and get a call from a helpful person out of the blue, a Messenger Angel might have given that person the idea to contact you.

When telephones were first being widely used, they operated through giant switchboards. Think of Messenger Angels as switchboard operators who connect your prayers with just the right recipient. Another way to picture these angels is as traffic cops, divinely directing the flow of the universe.

Angels of Mercy

When you’re hopeless, heartbroken, defeated or unable to carry on, you might also feel very alone. But during your last big crisis, whether you were aware of it or not, you were already being supported by an elite yet very large group of angelic entities called the Angels of Mercy, who specialize in bringing mercy into a situation when it is needed most. When someone cries out for help from Spirit in desperation, terror or grief, often Spirit sends an Angel of Mercy to answer that call.

Angels of Mercy can be found on battlefields, in hospitals, at prisons. They exist wherever there is violence, corruption, substance abuse, natural disasters, poverty or despair. Just like first responders will rush into a burning building as the occupants are running out, so will Angels of Mercy fly to where the world’s pain and darkness are greatest so that they can shine their healing light.

Angels of Mercy cannot always miraculously change a situation or eradicate the suffering of those involved. But they can bring miracles, and guide humans toward navigating the most advantageous route through challenges. When you don’t know the next step, Angels of Mercy show you a path forward. They make a way where there was no way; they create opportunities and grace where there was only confusion and suffering.

The next time your world gets turned upside down, call on loved ones, coworkers and health-care professionals for assistance, but don’t forget to call on the Angels of Mercy too. They will bring new beginnings into your life, and convince people to show you mercy and kindness.

Healing Angels 

When you’re on any kind of healing journey, whether it’s physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual or cultural, it’s important to work with experienced professionals, as well as leaning on friends, coworkers and loved ones. Just know that wherever you go for support—a doctor’s office, a therapist’s couch, a support group meeting or a loved one’s kitchen table—Healing Angels go with you.

Healing Angels might work with you individually, or they might assist one of your health-care professionals with all of his or her clients. Hospital Angels are a sub-group of Healing Angels who work exclusively within the walls of a hospital, supporting the doctors, nurses, technicians and housekeeping staff as well as the patients.

Get more out of your relationship with Healing Angels by praying to a Healing Angel directly, and asking for clear guidance about the best ways to heal your life, or what in your life most urgently needs healing right now. Healing Angels can also put excellent supplements, healing modalities and health-care professionals on your radar to speed up the healing process.

Abundance Angels

Abundance is our birthright as humans, and in spiritual truth there is enough to go around for everyone. We each deserve joy, prosperity, to be paid a fair wage for our work, to be respected, acknowledged, valued, loved. An Abundance Angel might bring more money or career opportunities into your life, but they might also bring things just as valuable: more time, more friendships, more rest, more play, more adventure, more opportunities to be of service to others.

You can call on an Abundance Angel to usher more abundance into your life, or you can call on an Abundance Angel to work their magic in the life of a friend, coworker, family member or stranger. If there is a neighborhood in your town that needs more abundance, see what you can contribute personally but also send an Abundance Angel there. You can even send Abundance Angels to faraway lands that are experiencing much strife. Donate time or money to these causes, and then imagine a flock of Abundance Angels flying to this region to restore the people and the land.

If you are experiencing a lack of abundance in any area of your life, remember that you deserve abundance, and that you are worthy of more. Then ask an Abundance Angel to give you ideas about how to better get your needs met.

Two-Way Street

Angels, of all types, surround humans constantly, and we are always benefiting from their love, protection and guidance. However, to make the most of these divine partnerships, be more aware of angels. Direct a prayer or meditation to an angel. Watch for signs from your angels and thank them when an opportunity or person comes into your life that seems divinely sent. Your relationship with angels is like any other relationship in your life—the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

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