9 Signs you will be an awesome life partner

What does it take to be a great life partner? It takes a lot of effort. It takes a lot of patience. Apart from the basics, it requires a lot of more important things that will be listed here that should be found in you too, because my fans are amazing individuals. This is going to be a self-assessment, if you don’t see eye to eye with any part of this article, you need to work on that part because it’s very vital if you want true love in your life. Let’s begin.

1. You know you’re perfect in your own way

The key to being an amazing life partner is knowing you’re not perfect according to how the world sees “perfection”. You need to know that you’re perfect in your own way. You need to completely accept and love yourself, you need to make every effort you can in enhancing your own personality and not let anything get you down. Do not start looking down upon yourself because someone told you you can’t amount to anything, you do and you’re awesome. Be that amazing life partner and love yourself first, then love your partner with all of your heart and soul.

2. You aren’t afraid of your past

Be someone who isn’t afraid of the past, because we all carry some amount of baggage with us and we all have made mistakes and we learn to live with those mistakes and move on with our lives for the sake of our happiness and our future. Be someone who has a firm grip on the past, who isn’t running away from the past and who isn’t haunted by the memories everyday. In order to achieve this, you need to make amends, if someone cheated on you, forgive them. If you cheated on someone, ask for forgiveness. Have complete closure and peace, only then will you be ready to have a very strong and long lasting relationship.

3. You don’t mind saying sorry
You need to be someone who can apologize without thinking twice about it when you’ve made a mistake, and also mean it. You can’t bring your ego here and be blunt about things, if you hurt your partner in any way, you need to apologize and make things right or it’ll be a very short relationship. The key here is to never say it without actually meaning it. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

4. You’re a good listener

Being a good listener is very vital if you’re going to be in it for the long run. Nothing’s more important to your partner than knowing that you actually listen to them when they share something with you. Don’t be the “head nodder”, that’s a person who just nods and doesn’t really pay attention, this will actually hurt your partner and make them reluctant when they want to share anything with you afterwards. Lend your ears to your partner, listen to what they’re saying, take part in the conversation.

5. You’re okay with letting others win
Relationships are all about compromise and letting go of your ego and pride. You need to be someone who is okay of letting others win sometimes, for the greater good. If you have this habit, your arguments are going to be very short and less painful and your relationship is going to be very strong and long lasting. Don’t think of this as a weakness, you’re not taking anything away from yourself by letting your partner win. You love them, right? Love them enough to not let your pride or ego overpower it, love them enough to not let your mind tell you “Hey, you’re right here, they should apologize”.

6. You don’t want anyone to fix you

Don’t be the person who waits for others to fix them. Relationships aren’t made to fix anyone’s life, they’re meant to make them better, they’re meant to harness the happiness that already existed in those people’s lives and increase that happiness. If you expect your relationship to bring happiness in your sad life, you’re going to have a bad time and probably go through a lot of trauma because of it too. Because not only are you going to drag someone else into your life, you’re going to make them sad in the process with you. So, just don’t be that person. Before committing to anyone, make sure you have a firm grip over your life and everything around it.

7. You don’t want to fix anyone

You’re someone who’s very kind and open minded. You’re someone who accepts people wholeheartedly and with open arms, despite of their flaws. You’re someone who doesn’t try to change people merely for your own benefits. You’re someone who tells people to be who they want to be in life because that’s how they’ll excel in life. You’re someone who doesn’t judge people based on what they do or who they are, because you know you can’t judge anyone, because you know you’re also human and you’re also not perfect. You are going to keep your partner very happy.

8. You’re completely self-aware

This extends my previous point, being self-aware. Be someone who is completely aware of their flaws, their capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses. Be someone who knows what they want, because that’s how you’ll get amazing at big decisions and that’s what attracts people towards you. Accept your flaws happily, because they’re your flaws, there’s perfection in your flaws as well as your strengths, because your flaws are also a part of who you are, don’t be someone who shuns their weaknesses and tries to be someone they’re not.

9. You’re selfish in a good way

Loving yourself isn’t considered selfish, it’s actually very healthy and normal to love yourself. It’s necessary that you completely recognize your abilities and accept who you are as a person and love that person before you can love someone else. I don’t believe in relationships where people forget themselves and just think of their partners, your relationship isn’t supposed to make you forget about the most important person in your life – YOU! A healthy relationship is meant to groom you as an individual and enhance your personality, not make you lose track of it. So go ahead, be selfish, love yourself completely, it’s a very attractive feature when you know how to represent yourself.

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