6 signs to know if a guy likes you

When people start developing certain feelings for someone, they start showing certain signs and develop certain triggers for the people they like, those signs are not hard to miss but it depends from person to person. Think a guy likes you? Check out these facts to ensure he does.

1. You Feel Incomplete Without Him

Guys who like you make their presence known in such a way that it becomes hard for you to ignore them. The amount of messages, calls, attention and time they give you can not be compared by anything else and That space can’t be filled by anyone else. You have a gut feeling inside that this man does so much for me And he makes me feel complete, go ahead with it and make the move or at least give him some signs so he Could do it himself without being scared of the outcome.

2. He Always Smiles With You

Smile is one of the cutest forms of flattery and affection. When a guy is interested in you, he is the happiest When you spend time with him, you will find him smiling at you and being a little shy of you. He will also Feel weird when you show an interest in other guys, because he is too afraid to lose you if he makes the Move. Usually, guys who put so much effort for you are the ones to keep.

3. He Always Tries To Impress You
When a guy likes you, he will do his best to impress you. He’ll talk to you about your interests and study them To have better conversations with you. He will wear the colors you like men wearing, he will always smell Good, he will be classy with the way he speaks. When you notice these things happening, don’t let him wait In agony and fear, make it easy on him.

4. He Compliments You A Lot

You know a guy who compliments you more than usual, and not in the cheap way either. He makes sure he’s Classy with his compliments. The things he tells you always make you feel better about yourself and always Make you feel more confident and happy. The guy is interested in you.

5. He Listens
You know a guy is into you when he actually pays attention to what you’re saying. No matter what you have to Talk about, good or bad, you’ll find him paying his utmost attention and giving some helpful input when you Ask for it. Ladies, if you have a guy friend who does this for you, he’s interested.

6. He Gives You All Of His Time & Attention

When a guy genuinely wants to be with you, it gets pretty hard for him to hide his feelings for you and to not Care for you. You’ve been with a guy who’s a good friend, and it seems like he shows you more attention And care over everyone else, he is always there when you need support no matter what time it is, he never Says no to you, he always goes one step further in order to help you. You have all of his time and attention. The guy is head over heels for you and is just waiting for the right moment.

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