8 Signs you’re in a mature relationship, finally!

signs-mature relationship
No more drama!
As we grow up we realise that as a teenager what we thought was a boring relationship, is actually a stable and healthy relationship. A mature relationship is when it doesn’t keep fluctuating between extremes of emotions, its drama free. Nothing makes our life steady and unwavering than an adult, mature relationship. Read on to know what a grown-up relationship feels like.

1. Your actions speak of your love for each other

When you are in a healthy relationship and the person truly loves you, you’ll see it in their actions. In a mature relationship saying ‘I love you’ ¬†every minute and signing all your texts with xoxo isn’t important, it shows in every little thing they do; the way they hold the door for you, smile at you, cook your favorite meal for you, brush away a loose strand of hair from your face. You feel loved and cared for, there is a warmth of actions. You don’t need verbal reminders of their love (which aren’t completely absent) to verify their feelings for you, because you can SEE it.

2. You feel safe planning the future with them

Whether its short term or long term, you feel safe in planning the future with them because the relationship is well grounded and you feel secure with your partner. In a troubled relationship you have to think a hundred times before making a reservation for the next month because the relationship may or may not be there till then, but ¬†when the relationship is fully developed you always see your partner right there besides you, you are not met with doubts and uncertainties, planning the future with them doesn’t scare you, instead you look forward to it.

3. You guys handle disagreements well

All couples have their moments of disagreements, it’s how you handle them shows whether your relationship has ripened or not. Nothing decides the health of a relationship more than how a couple argues. In a mature relationship, the couple has learned each other’s patterns of anger and adjusted well to it, you have agreed upon a way of resolving conflict. The love doesn’t fade away even on the bad days, you don’t hurt each other just because you were angry, in fact you work towards solving the issue as a team. You can even call out on each other and it won’t result into a fight, because you know your partner means well for you and you help each other to grow and improve.

4. It’s okay not to be in touch 24/7

You both have realistic expectations from the relationship, you understand that you are both adults who have an individual life apart from the relationship, so being with each other all day or texting continuously is not very practical. You both have an agreement that it is important to grow as a couple, but it is equally important to give each other space to grow as a person. So, you spend enough time with each other without being clingy and suffocating.

5. You are connected on all levels
You feel comfortable with each other, emotionally, mentally and physically. You are completely in sync. It’s not that you are perfect individuals, put you feel like together you are perfect, balancing each other out. You know each other and feel connected to your partner. The relationship adds value to your life.

6. There is NO jealousy

The level of trust that you have for each other leaves no room for any jealousy, you both can have friends of the opposite gender without turning your partner into a psychotic stalker. Jealousy arises when you feel insecure in your relationship, but in a mature relationship you know that your partner will never be dishonest with you, you have a strong committed relationship. You guys realise that jealousy is a wasted emotion, so you don’t give each other any reasons to have any doubts.

7. You don’t feel the need to change your partner

You love them for who they are, even all their imperfections. Besides their little annoying habits like not keeping their plate in the sink or leaving socks on the floor etc, you don’t feel the need to bring any changes in your partner’s personality. And it’s not because you’re settling for them, but it’s because this is the person you fell in love with, there is acceptance and content.

8. Your relationship generally feels easy

This is the biggest sign that you are in mature relationship, its free from drama. A relationship should enhance your life instead of feeling like a difficult task, you shouldn’t have to ‘deal’ with it. A stable relationship makes everything easy, you are in rhythm with your partner. Constant feeling of anger, anxiety, insecurity and other similar negative emotions are never a part of a sensible relationship.

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