11 signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud

Men are often not very vocal or always the most proficient when it comes to expressing their feelings. Nature and nurture both play a role to that effect. And oftentimes, women can be seen complaining that her man doesn’t tell her he loves her enough, doesn’t express his feelings as much, that she is clueless as to what he is truly feeling. Most women expect men to declare their love effusively.

And when they don’t, it leads to confusion and disappointment on the part of women. But there is one essential fact that several women fail to remember; actions speak louder than words. So, when feelings of doubt and uncertainty arise, here are a few of those signs that all women should look out for that are a bigger proclamation of a man’s love than those three words shall ever be.

1. He not only listens to what you say, but remembers it
We all love talking about ourselves. It is human nature. But when someone gives up what they want to say for a while because all they want to do is listen to you speak and share bits of your lives with them through words is when you know they truly care about you. And not just pretend to listen to you due to some ulterior (albeit simpler) motive, but truly pay attention to the things you say and remember them. That man, ladies, is a keeper.

2. He takes care of you
When a man loves you, he may not always enunciate it like the letters of the alphabet, but he shall however do little things that restore your belief in the emotion. He would do the dishes on the days you’re too tired, or cook you dinner on a night before your big presentation because he knows you’d be busy and he cares.

3. He holds your hand
He doesn’t feel the need to walk two steps ahead of you, or do something equally medieval. He is not ashamed of holding your hand in public. In fact, he is proud to call you a part of his life, and loves how you both take comfort in that familiar and reassuring touch.

4. He apologies when he ought to

He knows when he is in the wrong, and isn’t reluctant to admit it and take responsibility for his actions. Indeed, he is more than happy to go out of his way to do little things to ask for forgiveness. He knows that often pride ought to be swallowed and apologies made, not because he wishes to keep you in his life, but simply because he regrets any hurt he had caused you, and wishes to never make a repeat performance of it.

5. He protects you
A man who loves you would not hesitate in calling someone out when they behave in an untoward manner with you. He knows you are a strong, bold and liberated woman, but he also knows that gallantry and thoughtfulness are qualities associated with a true gentleman and a man with a great deal of spine. He never airs dirty laundry in public. This man loves you and would do all it takes to protect you.

6. He notices everything about you
Whether it is a new haircut, or an expression of distress upon your countenance, he is especially perceptive with matters pertaining to you. He notices your restrained smile when you’re upset but don’t wish to let on, and your engaging one when you’re being friendly to a neighbor or colleague, or the naughty one when you’re hiding something mischievous that you did. He notices the new lingerie you wear, and the way the left corner of your mouth tilts slightly upwards when you smile radiantly with unbridled joy. He notices everything about you.

7. You are important in his life
And you can be certain that you would know of this indisputable fact. When a man makes plans with you, they speak volumes about the depth of his feelings for you. They may be little at first, like making you his plus one to a cousin’s wedding, including you in his regular weekend hangout with his friends, or big ones like travelling together or discussing your future together.

8. He makes good eye contact
“The eyes are the window to the soul.”
What you can’t see in several other aspects of an individual, you can see in their eyes. Eyes reveal what much else doesn’t. Good eye contact denotes attention and develops an intimate bond between two people.

This may sound mawkishly sentimental, but I speak from experience. A man who loves you and is not afraid of his feelings would be able to gaze into your eyes seemingly forever.

9. He treats you like royalty
You can be certain, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are his queen, when he treats you like one. He would surprise you with gifts without occasion, or profess his love for you through the traditional yet beautiful way of flowers, or give you a much needed foot massage after a long day, or make you breakfast in bed on the weekend. He doesn’t need to spell it out; these acts of kindness and love do it for him. He loves you.

10. He looks at you apparently unobserved
“I like to feel in his eyes on me when I look away.”
-Julie Delpy

Don’t we all? And if you are fortunate enough to have someone in your life who looks at you when he thinks you aren’t looking, then you know you have something special with him. He cares, he looks for signs that you do. It’s love at its simplest.

11. He likes talking about you
He likes talking about you, your likes and dislikes, and things he loves about you. They may seem mundane and ordinary to some, but to him everything about you is beautiful and worthy of adoration.

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