9 early signs that show that you’re in the right relationship

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This one is for people who are in fresh relationships, and by fresh I mean around one month old. There are a lot of things that happen in the beginning, a few factors are very visible from the beginning. You can actually tell how the relationship is going to be or at least get an idea about it during the first month because the two of you are spending the most time then and also finding a lot of things about each other in the very beginning. Want to know if you made the right decision? Check this list out.

1. Your life goals match

And by match, I don’t mean that they need to be exactly similar, I mean that your end goal is to reach the same position. One of you would want to be a designer while the other would want to be a lawyer, but the final life goal should be the same (to live together etc). This is one of the healthiest of signs and it also shows that the two of you are serious about each other and want a mature relationship where each of you is there to stay.

2. You aren’t afraid of being “weird” around each other

We all have our weird sides, sides that we don’t show to anyone (or maybe just to our friends). If you two can actually be weird in front of each other without the fear of how the other person would react, that’s when you’re really comfortable with each other. And if this happens right in the first month, it’s a very positive sign.

3. You’re involved in each other’s work lives

If the two of you are actually involved in each other’s work and tell each other to achieve more and more everyday; it means that the relationship is going to last and you can tell even from the first month. And by involved, I mean you listen to each other talk about how their day went, you remember names of their important colleagues, you know what’s going on everyday.

4. You don’t feel scared while sharing your past with each other

A healthy and long-lasting relationship is one which has complete transparency. If you’re straight forward and upfront with each other, things are going to last. Once one of you starts keeping secrets or telling lies, no matter how small or harmless they are, that’s when you’ve started damaging the relationship. No one just lies once, the smallest of lies develop into something massive and destructive. It’s always said to talk about even the darkest of memories in your past so that no one else can ruin it for you in the future, and your partner will trust you more than words.

5. Plans are always kept

Spending time is how you tell someone they matter, because time is the most expensive gift you can give someone. If the two of you always take time out for each other without any excuses, it means you’re very important to one another. And if plans are ever cancelled, there’s always a very valid reason behind it. I’m not saying cancelling plans is a sin or not allowed, but you can always tell when someone’s cancelling it for a real reason or just because they don’t “feel like” seeing you.

6. You talk about each other more than usual

If you find yourself talking about your partner more than usual, with your friends or family, it means they’re in your subconscious and you always think of them. You may or may not mean to say it, but you could randomly just say something sweet about them with your friends or you feel proud when you discuss them with your friends. It means that you don’t mind talking about them or discussing them, it also means that you’re really proud of being with them which is a very positive sign.

7. They like your friends and vice versa

Acceptance of each other’s social circles is very important in relationships. If the person you’re dating is completely cool with your friends (both guys and girls), doesn’t mind hanging out with them if you ask him to, talks about them in a positive way; it means he knows and respects your social life and is completely comfortable with it. This is also a sign of your boyfriend not being insecure of the fact that you can have your own time with your friends and that it’s important to you.

8. You laugh at the same things

Sense of humour is a vital part in every relationship because it keeps things light and positive. Having a partner with a good sense of humour is good, but actually having a partner who laughs at your jokes and matches your sense of humour is just beyond great. It’s always a good time when you can laugh at each other and with each other, it just means that the two of you can be more comfortable with each other without being scared of one of you getting hurt or taking something to heart.

9. You can spend infinite hours with each other

The first thing to notice is how much time you spend together, either hanging out or talking on the phone. I used to talk to my girlfriend for hours, and I still do. It means that you two don’t get bored of each other and don’t have to have a specific reason to hang or a topic to talk about, you guys just keep making the conversation fresh and actually forget how much you’ve talked to each other. This is one of the good signs because if a┬áperson┬ácan talk to you or hang out with you for countless hours and not get bored, chances are he won’t get bored in the coming months either. It also means that the two of you are super compatible.

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