5 Signs You’re In A Good Relationship

ess C. Scott once said, “When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.” It means if you really think that you’re in a good relationship then you should feel secure and comfortable, you should consider yourself a very lucky person. Below are the five signs that will tell you if you’re in a good relationship or not. If you can find these signs in your relationships then trust me you’re in a pretty good relationship.

1. “When your mate doesn’t treat you like you are a secret.”

A very good way to measure how much you mean to someone is seeing if they will introduce you to the important people in their life. Not just that but, when your mate gives you a feeling like they can’t wait to show you off to the rest of the world, it makes you feel that much more special. We all believe in our relationships having a good amount of privacy. But there is a big difference between being private and being someone else’s secret.

And when you both introduce each other to the important people in your life, you both are letting the other person know that you take them very seriously. When you show each other off to the world, you are letting each other know how much they truly matter to you. Love grows best when it isn’t suppressed by darkness but rather embraced by sunlight. You can’t grow stronger as a couple if you suppress each other and keep the best parts of you two hidden.

2. “When you still have that friendship love”.

Aside from being equally yoked together in Christ, The next strongest connection a man and a woman both will share with each other, is that friendship love. When something good happens they are the first person you want to run to and tell. When something bad happens they are the first person you want to be around to help lift your spirits. When you take time building on your friendship first in a relationship, you end up building your foundation without cracks in it. Your friendship will always be the foundation that you both will stand on.

You will build your love on top of your friendship. You will build your communication on top of your friendship. You will build your trust in each other on top of your friendship. You will build your support and your security with each other on top of your friendship. And if you rush building that or go about building it improperly, you put EVERYTHING you place on top of that in jeopardy. Building the right way, might save you both time from having to rebuild in the future.

3. “When you are not the only one putting effort into the relationship”.

So you both admit that you like each other. You both decide to embark on a relationship with each other. Now what? Just because you both care about one another a lot, feelings don’t keep a relationship flowing well, effort does. When you both consciously work at having your relationship run smoothly, you fall in sync with one another. When you both work at your relationship, you learn to establish a certain rhythm with each other.

And the longer you remain in sync and in rhythm, the more pleasurable the ride becomes. Relationships take a lot of work. Moods can change. Things can happen in life that throws you off. But to know wholeheartedly that you two will never quit on what you both have built, is an amazing feeling. When your effort matches their effort or vice versa, You both end up adding water to what you both have planted. And every great relationship leaves room for growth. 

4. “When you can have disagreements with each other without being disrespectful”.

Often times in relationships, we listen to reply instead of listening to understand. Sometimes a person will argue to win the disagreement without being conscious of maybe losing the other person in the long run. Disagreements happen in relationships. Having healthy disagreements actually does serve its purpose between you and your mate. Disagreements help you both reach an even deeper love and understanding beneath the surface.

When the two of you are able to voice your concerns, problems or issues without cutting each other deep, you are in a very healthy relationship. Arguments don’t have to be verbally abusive. You can articulate everything you think and feel without making the other person feel terrible.

5. “Your partner helps you grow or evolve as a person”.

A very good sign of a great relationship, is noticing how much your partner has helped you evolve into someone better. When you feel like you are with the right person, they will have you stepping out of your comfort zone accomplishing things you never thought you could. Maybe they will inspire you to live a much healthier lifestyle. Maybe they will encourage you with returning back to school. Maybe they will be patient enough to help you work through and heal from old relationship wounds that you never got over. A good relationship will help you feel better about who you are and who you can grow to be.

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