6 ULTIMATE signs of an unhealthy relationship

signs-unhealthy relationship
Beware of these signs!
Having the right partner really changes the world around you. Your partner has the power to change your whole life, yes, it’s true! From the kind of people you meet to the kind of influence you have in every matter of your life, everything changes So be careful of whom you let take that control. If these signs start to show up, know that it’s not healthy and you need to make a few changes in your life.


A partner is meant to bring stability, calmness and peace in your life. Many couples might find it thrilling to have fights in a relationship. The whole break up phase followed by a cant-live-without-you phase and soon a making-up phase. All of this will seem thrilling and exciting only for a few days but soon these fights will start becoming irritating. Especially, when they end up without a solution. Once the charm withers off, fights will just take up all your energy and leave you frustrated.

If you are starting to have too many unresolved fights in your relationship, it’s about time you discuss it with your partner. Communication is the key to every relationship and not reaching a solution is a real big tell sign that the relation is handicapped.


There is no doubt that you love your partner a lot but do you usually feel unhappy and unsatisfied with what you’ve got? Also, is one of your habits or an activity increasing day by day? For example eating, going out, shopping etc. Is it because you are trying to compensate for that unsatisfied feeling that you get from your relationship? Then know that this isn’t healthy, you need to talk it out with your partner or get yourself out of this situation where you will always feel less rewarded.


Many people would say that relations have their compromises and they have their fair share of mental stress but I say, there is a limit to that. A relationship is meant to make you feel happy and mentally relaxed, if you are constantly bothered and stressed, you have a problematic relation that is not healthy for your or your partner’s mental health.


All kinds of abusive relations are unhealthy. Yes, you may fight and scream but then you know where to stop. If your fights are crossing boundaries every passing day, know that they will continue to do so till you realise it’s too late. Abuse, of any kind, is like poison to your soul. It leaves you bruised for a long time. Not only that but putting up with an abusive partner is the worst thing you can do to yourself. A partner who abuses verbally will take no time to abuse you physically or torture you mentally, if you let them do it at the first place. Either be very clear and make it a point when you face your partner doing it for the first time or pack your bags!


With friends or family, do you feel an awkward uneasiness, discussing your partner? I have felt this way for my Ex for a long time, I avoided every time someone asked me about him because there was always so much tension and drama in our relationship, I just wanted to escape that for a while when he wasn’t around. People asking me about him just reminded me of all the drama. You often feel uncomfortable because whenever someone goes ahead asking, ‘how’s your partner doing’, all you can think of are the arguments you’ve had or the things that have been bothering you about them. This isn’t healthy, it’s a huge no! Don’t make yourself go through it, there is no need, such relationships do not last long.


his is a huge tell sign for somebody who wants to know if their relationship is healthy.
Your partner should help you strike a balance in your relations. At times you do get busy with your partner, that’s natural and it does leave you with lesser amount of time to be spent with others. But, I am not talking about that, what I mean is, often your partner might get a little to possessive or needy of you and may demand you to give them more and more time. Which you might do willingly and unwillingly.

You need to have a balance in your relations no matter how much you love someone. You have to spend some time apart to be able to appreciate the time you both spent together.
A healthy relation is that where the two have their own lives as well.

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