24 Things People DON’T Do In A Successful Relationship. #15 is crucial

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Successful relationships are developed over a period of time. They are nurtured with trust, respect, love and sincerity. To make a relationship strong and flourishing, you need to put in deliberate efforts. Achieving a healthy relationship requires positive contributions from both the partners.

Maintaining successful relationships is an ongoing struggle. A study was carried out on a number of couples who are enjoying flourishing relationships. The research result reveals some of the most amazing secrets of having a happy life with your partner. We have list down these tips that can help you build a strong and lasting relationship bond with your significant other.

There are do’s and don’ts for everything in every relationship. Following are the things that happy couples ‘Don’t Do’ to maintain a successful relationship:

1. Don’t Rush For A Better Future – Enjoy The Present
Happy couples live in the present. They take one day at a time and try to maximize it to the fullest. They enjoy every little moment of their present life and don’t rush the present state of their relationships to get better times ahead. So the rule is to enjoy your present and don’t compromise today’s happiness for tomorrow’s plans.

2. They Don’t Keep Secrets
Trust is the basic key to a healthy, happy relationship. Successful couples don’t keep secrets with their partners. They believe in the fact that honesty is the only thing that can make their relationship more strong even after they commit a mistake or make a blunder. If you are honest and truthful to your partner, he/she will accept your apology sooner or later.

Always speak the truth. Don’t keep secrets from your significant other. Honesty and sincerity will strengthen your relationship’s bond.

3. Don’t Fake Your Feelings
Be yourself. Don’t try to fake your feelings towards your partner. Work to be a real person and they will love you for that.

4. Don’t Expect Your Relationship To Be Easy
Always keep a positive and realistic approach towards relationships. There will be ups and downs. Show your willingness to accept challenges and work on them for a better life ahead.

There are hard times in every relationship. Even the most successful couples face hardships, but they don’t think negatively about their partners and relationships. They focus on the solution and strive to come out of the crisis as a couple.

5. Don’t Expect Relationships to Solve Your Problems
Don’t expect your relationship or your partner to fill your empty inner space. You need to work on your problems and inner issues like the feeling of emptiness, pain, boredom, guilt, regret etc.

A healthy relationship will definitely bring  joy to your life but don’t expect your relationship to solve your personal problems.

6. Don’t Hide Who You Are
Be at your best. Don’t hide your true self from others and especially your partner. You should be confident in showing what you enjoy, what you feel, what you are and what you really want to be. Once you are happy and contended within yourself, you can take your relationship to the next level.

7. Don’t Hold Hateful Grudges
Happy couples declare the fact that they don’t hold on to hatred and grudges for long. To forgive is better for your own inner peace. Don’t let the bitter experiences of life spoil the essence of your relationship. You have to forget and move on in order to enjoy your life.

8. Don’t Focus On People’s Flaws

Whether it be your partner or any other person, try to find the good attributes in them. Do your best to maintain a positive attitude towards others. Be sincere with every relationship. This will help you achieve a level of tranquility that can make your relationship strong and ever-lasting.

9. Don’t Expect Your Partner To Always Be Strong
Your partner is a human being too. They have their strengths and weaknesses. Realising this fact can make you more accommodating and realistic in your approach towards them. Don’t always expect your partner to be strong and supportive. They might be struggling too. Give them their time and space and they will be back with their strengths to support your relationship.

10. Don’t Focus On The Past
What’s gone is gone. There are certain things in the past that you just can’t change, no matter how much you want to. So the rule of the game is to make peace with your past. Successful couples believe in this idea:

”Let go of your past to embrace happiness of present life”.
So don’t focus on the unchangeable past. Focus on your present and try to make it as best as you can.

11. Don’t Let Fear Overcome The Power Of Love And Trust
A relationship cannot become successful unless you give it a chance. Don’t let your fears overcome the love. Many couples enjoy successful relationships because they believe in the goodness of each other. Their relationships survive through the hard times because they never let the fear overpower their love and trust for their partners.

12. Don’t Rely On Others For Validation Of Your Identity
Never rely on anyone’s approval for your happiness. Don’t wait for others to give you permission to be happy and to be yourself. If you achieve this level of self-worth then you can also enjoy a healthy relationship.

13. Don’t Take Your Partner/Relationship For Granted
Show your concern, your love, your affection to your partner. Relationships demand time and attention. Lack of concern at times hurt more than anything. Happy couples always value their partners and their relationships.

Don’t take your partner and your relationship for granted or you will lose its essence. Try to be more considerate, appreciative and thankful towards your partner to make your relationship ever-lasting.

14. Don’t Be There In Just The Good Times
Partners need each other through every phase of life; through thick and thin, through bad and good times, through happy and sad moments. You need to be available to your partner not only when it is convenient for you, but always, whenever they need you. And the same goes for your partner.

Don’t just show up during the good times. To survive a relationship through the hardships of life, both the partners need to be there with their loved ones to support them, to care for them, to soothe them, to listen to them and likewise. 

15. Don’t Say ‘Yes’ When You Need To Say ‘No’
Don’t confuse what you feel and what you say. Set clear boundaries and define your opinions clearly to your partner. Partners must realise that their significant other can not always be agreeing to them.
It’s better to be clear and specific in the start than to regret it later.

16. Don’t Neglect Your Own Self Awareness
Self-awareness makes you more accommodating, confident within yourself, calmer, and more accepting towards others. The secret to a happy and successful relationship is not to neglect your own self-awareness.

17. Don’t Let People Hold You Back
Your relationship should help you and let you grow. There is no point in sticking to people who won’t let you grow. If they are too stubborn and refuse to grow themselves, then they won’t even let you grow in the long run. Relationship should not hurt you. So if you feel its high time, then just let it go.

Successful people realise that they should never let people hold them back. To make your relationship strong you need to grow and let others grow too, eventually nurturing your relationship in the long run.

18. Don’t Talk When You Need To Listen
Try to listen and not just hear what your partner is trying to say. Paying attention to your partner’s opinions and talks creates a positive impact on your relationship. Try to be a good listener and give them their chance to speak. Giving a chance to others to speak is giving them the respect and acceptance they deserve in this relationship. Don’t ever talk while your partner is trying to tell you something.

19. Don’t Take Everything Personally

This is a golden rule to establish a flourishing relationship. Don’t take everything personally. Focus on the issue and the problem itself and never ever take things on your own self. Don’t let the behaviour of other people make you feel low and look down upon yourself.

20. Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Present and Future
Everyone goes through some bitter experiences in life. The important thing is that you don’t let your past overpower your present and future. You must learn from your past experiences, breakups, heartbreaks and failures. Make your mistakes the stepping stones for your future.

Do not let your past create fears in your heart for your future life. You must realise that it is you who is in-charge of your life. Believe in yourself and have faith that despite the bitter past, you still can create strong relationships in your life ahead. 

21. Don’t Try To ‘Fix’ People You Care About
When you care for someone, you need to prove it with love and sincerity. Listen to your loved ones and assure them that you are there for them whenever they need you. But don’t try to constantly ‘fix’ them. There is no doubt about the fact that you care for them, but let them heal on their own. Give them the space they need. There is no need to fix them forcefully, it will only worsen the situation.

22. Don’t Give With The Intention Of Gaining Something
Try to give more than you receive. People who give out without any obligation make this world a better place. Don’t help others with the intentions of a reward, do it because you can and you want to. Successful people always extend a helping hand towards others without any intention to be paid back.

Successful partners don’t give out of obligation. They are always looking for ways to help others. This not only makes them happy and satisfied but also the people around them.

23. Don’t Look At Past Relationships As Failures

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. Successful couples don’t look at their past relationships as failures, rather they take them as lessons of life. Every experience and every person in your life teaches you a lesson about life. To lead a successful and healthy relationship in the future, you must learn from your past experiences.

24. Don’t Interfere With The Growth Of Others
Healthy relationships always give space to each partner for self growth, which in the long run results in a strong bond and growth of the relationship itself. Couples who enjoy successful relationships don’t interfere with the growth of their partners. They are always encouraging, appreciative and motivating. They never resist the success and growth of their significant other.

For the growth and success of relationships, it is a basic rule that you don’t interfere with the growth of your partner. Don’t create hurdles in their way and don’t resist their gains. You have to adopt a welcoming and encouraging approach towards the growth of your partner to make your relationship ever-lasting.

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