15 Signs – Your Partner Treats You The Way You Truly Deserve

signs-partner-treats-truly deserve
Love is the most exotic feeling. Love has the power to make a normal person the most exceptional human on earth for you. Your loved ones become so special to you that you forget everything else around you. You consider your partner as the most important person and at times you give them priority above all other relations. At times you believe them to be even more important than your own self.

How we will know that the person whom we are giving priority over everything in the world is the right person? If your life partner is treating you the way you truly deserve to be treated, then that person is the right one for you. Here are some of the signs that show if your partner really treats you the way you truly deserve.

1. They Remind You Of Their Love Repeatedly
Partners having successful relationship know that they both love each other. Some people are of the opinion; ”She / He already knows, so I don’t have to tell him/her every single day that I love her/him”. But actually yes you do need to tell your partner that you love them regularly. At times they crave for this reassurance.

Love is a feeling that needs constant reassurance. If your life partner reminds you daily or regularly that they love you, then that person is just the right one for you. They show their love by small gestures and actions on frequent basis to make you feel loved.

2. They Value Your Opinion In Decision Making
If your partner truly loves you, he/she will include you in every decision they make. They value your opinions and suggestion because they value you and your presence in their lives. Such partners are hard to find, we should also value them and always hold them close to our hearts.

3. They Never Lie

When your partner truly loves you, he or she will never ever lie to you about anything. They will not break your trust because they love you and never want to lose you. They believe that you really deserve this honesty and sincerity from them. So if your life partner is being truthful with you in all their dealings and actions, then you really are lucky.

4. They Never Make You Cry
Your partner never does anything that can upset you or make you cry. They value your happiness more than anything. The last thing he wants to see is you crying-really crying. Just the thought of you getting hurt, makes his heart-break. Such partners are hard to find and are a real blessing.

5. They Share Every Little Detail With You

They want to share every single detail of their daily life with you. And they want you to share your life happenings with them. They are interested in listening to your stories and enjoy telling you about their routine, their issues and what’s going on in their everyday lives. They simply want you to be part of every second of their life.

6. They Give You The Best Of Everything
Your life partner places you before everything else, even himself/herself. Your partner’s selflessness is a proof of his pure love for you. They want to give you the best of everything and this is shown in little gestures.

7. They Give You Respect

Your partner always treats you with respect, whether in private or in public. They never ridicule you or make fun of you. They respect you as a person and as a partner. To them respect and love has a core value for their relationship.

8. They Keep Their Promises
A perfect partner will never break a promise. They never want to break your trust. They know you have faith in them and they will never ever disappoint you.

9. They Make You Feel Safe
You always feel secure and safe in the presence of your partner. Their true love makes you feel secure in their company. Deep in your heart you have a faith that they won’t let anyone or anything harm you as long they are present in your life.

10. They Make You Feel Beautiful And Worthy

They make you feel beautiful and worthy in the real sense. Their love is unconditional. They will never let you feel awful about yourself. They appreciate your physical and inner beauty, helping you grow into a more confident person. They are always there to assure you that you are valuable.

11. They Spend Time With You Because They Really Want To
They don’t take spending time with you as an obligation. They want to spend time because they love you and want you to be present around them all the time. They love your company and your presence.

12. They Give You Attention From The Start Of The Day
You are the focal point of your partner from dusk till dawn. Their morning starts with seeing your face. They start their morning by greeting you and they make you feel very special from the start of the day.

13. They Nourish Your Body, Heart, Mind And Soul

Partners at times cook for each other to show their love and support. They can buy groceries and help you in the kitchen. But an ideal partner will not only feed your body. With their love and affection they will nurture your heart, mind and soul. You grow with them, under their love and support.

14. They Love To Surprise You
Ideal partners would always try to keep the excitement alive in their relationship. They will do all little things just to see that surprised look on your face. They just love to surprise you with their loving gestures.

15. You Are Part Of Their Every Plan
Your life partner always wants to do anything or everything as long you are part of the plan. Being with you is all they want. They include you in all their plans, whether it’s a pool party, a gathering, a picnic etc.

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