If Your Life Partner Doesn’t Make You Feel These 8 Ways, It Isn’t True Love

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Your life is too precious to waste it on someone like this.
Finding a date or a boyfriend / girlfriend is not difficult these days. With the advent of internet and social media culture, we can have hundreds of options to choose from. We can pick out anyone as our date to a party or can easily make a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But when it comes to the selection of a real partner or a life partner, things are not that simple.

It surely takes a great deal of deliberate investment in terms of trust, love and dedication from someone who wants to be your partner for life. We often fall prey to our emotions and love illusions and end up in complex relationships.

A real partner is someone who makes you feel the way no one has ever made you feel before. You will have an out of this world emotional experience with a true partner who is in love with you; truly, madly, deeply. The question is, how will we come to know that what ever we are experiencing and feeling is true form of love. Here we have a list of 10 ways a real partner should make you feel:

1. Your Partner Should Make You Happy
There is no doubt about it that a true lover will make you feel happy. You will be genuinely contended with your life with him/her. A loving partner will make extra efforts to make you happy in sad times, he /she will be there to cheer you up whenever you feel down, he or she is your true source of happiness.

You wake up in the morning and just a glance at your partner’s face will make your heart smile; then you should know that it is true love.

2. Your Partner Should Make You Feel Excited About Life
Life is full of ups and downs, fears and regrets, achievements and losses. A real life partner is one who makes you an optimist about life, regardless of the circumstances. He or she will boost your mood when you are down, encourage you when you feel low and help you have a positive approach when life pulls you down.

You will feel excited about your life with your real life partner, you want to explore every opportunity and want to face every challenge that life holds for you. But if you don’t feel any of these and you are not excited about your life on a whole, then you must give a second thought about the person in your life.

3. Your Partner Should Make You Feel Secure
If your partner makes you feel secure and safe, then its the sign of true love. Just by their presence, you have a sense of security; it is their true love that makes you feel safe and secure. Deep in your heart if you have a feeling that this partner will never leave you then you both are having true feelings for each other.

4. Your Partner Should Give You Hope

There are times in a person’s life when they lose all of their hope; reasons could be anything from our deteriorating health to financial crises, losing a loved one or loss of a job. But if you are with a person who loves you truly, then such a person will give you hope. A real partner is your sunshine in gloomy days; she/he is your source of hope for life.

5. Your Partner Should Give You Courage
Your true life partner is always there to encourage you. He/she boosts your moral and gives you the courage to take life’s risks. He/she is always by your side assuring you of your strengths. If a person is your source of courage when you are doubtful about your capabilities, then this shows true love of that person for you.

6. Your Partner Should Spark Your Curiosity
Our monotonous daily routines makes us bored of life, not only this we lose all the charm of our lives. A partner who sparks curiosity in you, who fascinates you with his/her thoughts, who mesmerises you with his/her love; is the one person meant to be with you.

With such a loving and fascinating partner, you will feel yourself in a dreamland where you can unwind and rejuvenate yourself during the boring routine of life.

7. Your Partner Should Make You Comfortable In Your Own Skin
A partner who truly loves you is; a partner who respects and appreciates you for the person you are, a person with whom you can be yourself, a person who is always proud of you, a person who reassures you when you are doubtful about yourself, a person who is always supportive of you.

The day you feel this way with your partner, be assured that this is the true love that is binding you with your significant other.

8. Your Partner Should Make You Feel Lucky
If just by looking at your partner, you feel lucky, then this is true love. And it’s not only you who is feeling lucky, your partner also considers himself / herself as the luckiest person on earth to have you as their partner.

You feel as if you are on cloud nine just being with that one person. True love and a real partner is surely one of the biggest assets of life.

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