10 things every guy deserves from the Woman he loves

A guy who loves you and sacrifices his needs and desires to see you happy deserves some pleasing. Men are not that hard to please, they are swayed away by simple acts of kindness and affection. If you really love your man, you just need to get to know his interests better and find the little things that put a smile on his face.

Men have varying personalities, but there are some basic things that can really melt their hearts. Beyond that thick coarse exterior, lies a fragile human being who has emotional needs that need to be fulfilled.

1. “I know you are not as strong as you try to be for me”
Let’s face it, being strong isn’t that easy. The society has brainwashed us and it has corrupted our minds. Men are expected to be strong and women are supposed to be more open to their emotions. The feeling of vulnerability and weakness transcends gender. Men are as susceptible to being hurt as women. Some men are even more sensitive than women.

You need to make him realize that he doesn’t have to be strong for the both of you all the time. You can also contribute to make the weight on his shoulders feel a little lighter. You can share his sorrows and make him realize that he is not alone in this relationship but you are standing right beside him to help him in all the endeavors to fight the upsetting conditions in the imminent future.

2. “ I’ll be there for you when you need to let out your sorrows”
Men retreat to the deepest corners of their subconscious. They close themselves up because they think their words will be judged and they will come out as some sort of weaklings. They have this mindset that no one can understand them. Actually, both men and women have this sort of mentality. Maybe he might be right but trust me, you always have to lend an ear when he wants someone to hear the screeches emanating from the void in his heart. Letting things out is always better than accumulating all of that fury inside.

At first, he might even reject your help and just walk away without even saying a thing. After spending some time alone, he will eventually come to you and you will understand why he wanted to be isolated in the first place. When your chance to make him feel better does come, try your best!

‘’I want my eyes to see beyond what they are shown,
To see beauty even in the dark,
For my ears to listen for the truth,
To hear music even in silence,

For my voice to pierce through the static of propaganda
And distractions from the pleas for help,
To disturb the hush of censorship,
Believing that my words

Have value, too.’’

3. “Maybe I know you better than you think”
Taking interests in his things will certainly bring a smile on his face. He knows that you have no interest in such sort of stuff and you still make efforts to develop some just for him. I mean, it will make his heart melt.

He might be into football or be passionate about supporting his favourite team. Sometimes, sitting with him and supporting his team in an important match will be the most adorable thing you can do for him. Men are really passionate about certain matters and when they have someone to discuss their favourite topic with; they will feel much more attracted towards them.

You need to challenge him in certain things. And sometimes, you might even like some of the stuff he is into. You might actually enjoy playing a video game with him and spending time with him in his favorite place.
When you set on a voyage to discover a person, sometimes you end up finding a home in them you always wished for.

4. “ It’s okay to be alone sometimes and discover yourself’’
Everyone needs their personal space and privacy. If you get too possessive and always want someone around, then it is deterrent to individual growth. Men need to be in their natural habitat with their ‘bros’ and enjoy themselves. This instills positive vibes in their life which also helps them to bring better things to the relationship. It’s not wrong to have a boy’s night out every now and then and connect with different people.

Humans are social animals. They need to discover more and experience a lot to grow. If your guy has started to live a sedentary lifestyle, you need to encourage him to go out and enjoy himself. There’s a whole world out there and trust me, giving some freedom only lures them to you more. Keeping someone in chains never helps!

5. “I know you didn’t give it a thought- that’s okay”
Planning comes habitual to most men. Whether it’s how he wants to spend the summers with you or how he plans to take you for skiing without knowing anything about skiing to begin with – he might not have thought of the whole thing like you expected him to. And this is fine. Life is tough for everyone you know. Your guy might be going through a lot and because of a genuinely reserved nature; it might easily skip the fact to think through about something in advance. We all plan but life gets in the way. And who knows till what extent these plans might be carried out?

Your guy needs as much time to think over stuff as you do, perhaps more. Men are the ones, after all, who have to go and deal with the world. So they might as well be comforted by their partner to take their time and think things through.

6. “I trust you to make the right decisions”
Trust is a tree that ought to be grown in every relationship. Men need a token of trust just as much as women do. Telling your guy that you trust him with all your life will make him both happy and motivated. Insecurity is a ghost that haunts everyone’s bed at night, including men.

They might be willing to do something yet their insecurity and lack of self-confidence might be getting the better of them – how would you know, given the fact men are guarded most of the time – and if you show them your trust, it can be the greatest strength they will ever need to do what seems difficult to them.

7. “Everything is going to be okay at the end of the day”

Being men and all, they have to be the bread earners of the house. Dealing with the world takes a toll on them. They might not see the simplicity in everyday life. As their partner, the women ought to bring back the sunshine in their life, making them see the good in it; the small things that ensure everything will be okay in the end, one way or the other.

Men need to hear their partner say that. It not only makes them feel at home, it also makes them see the good parts of reality – no matter how few they might be. Every guy deserves to receive this kind of positive attitude from his partner. So, always tell him that it is going to be okay at the end and indeed, if it not okay then it is not the end after all.

8. “You are my knight in shining armour”
It may sound cliché and it may be overrated but really, think about it: how good of a feeling will it bring your guy if you pop it up, out of the blue, that he is your knight in shining armour, your saviour and your hero? It is like… everything your guy has ever worked hard on for you and the relationship comes to a blissful climax when he hears these few phrases. It opens a gigantic space in his heart, forever being pushed by the hands of society, low self-esteem, doubt and so forth.

Knowing that he has indeed lived up to the level of someone as close to a hero for you, well, it is needless to say how joyous that can make him feel. Everybody likes to know if their efforts have made a unique difference in their partner’s life. Guys are no exception to this feeling. They need to know, time and again, that despite their flaws and quirks, they are still your knight in shining armour.

9. “You make my day”

Whether it is in the middle of watching a movie together or taking a stroll in the park or driving home from a Saturday night out – do not ever miss an opportunity to tell your guy that he makes your day, that he brings a smile on your face like no one else does, like he makes you feel like a person, like everything he said holds the most meaning to you, like his mere existence is what water is to a plant, like he gives your life purpose again and makes it all the worthwhile – like he makes you feel alive and not just exist, survive and struggle.

It is not just the support he needs from such words. He might question his worth for you. He might have too many holes and cracks in his soul he is afraid to show you so telling him how he compliments your existence with his own and makes your day, it will give him a great feeling of being enough for you, like what he does for you is not as meaningless as he thought it was. It gives him genuine pleasure to know that “yeah, all I did was good enough – good enough to make her day”.

10. “You are perfect for me, you don’t need to change”
Everyone should be allowed to be themselves. When you control men to be something they are not, you basically rob them of their right to be themselves. So, appreciate them as they come. You do not know how hard your guy tries to be something he is not, just for you. Maybe he does not like Sushi, but he still goes to have it with you every weekend. Maybe he likes to have breakfast in bed but never does just you are a neatness freak.

It is therefore deserving for a guy to have their woman tell them they are enough and they are perfect and they do not need to change, despite how they think it needs to be done. Tell them it doesn’t, because you accept them just the way they are. It will make them comfortable in their skin and content with the state of affairs as they are.

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