The 10 Types of Friends Who Will Ruin Your Relationship

Girls, the minute you announce your relationship to the world, you’ll start getting different reactions from everybody around you. Some of your friends will act like they’re even happier than you about it, some will act quite indifferent, and then there will be a handful of girlfriends who just won’t be able to cover up their jealousy no matter how hard they try.

Now, we’re not saying that this jealousy will necessarily be the result of how amazing your man is or how badly they want to steal him from you. No! It just might be a jealousy they feel from this new person in your life, this person who they fear will become more important than them one day.

But no matter what their reason is, you should be careful of the following types of envious friends if you want a chance at making your relationship work:

The one who tries to put you down in front of your man

It’s not been long since you and your guy started dating but you plan to introduce him to this one amazing friend of yours, the one who knows you inside out and the one who’s seen it all with you from the very beginning. But this is exactly what turns the night into a complete disaster. Your friend can’t stop recalling all the embarrassing stories she knows of you, that one psychotic moment you still regret where you had the biggest fight with her and that time you felt so dumb because you failed two courses even though you tried so hard.

The stories just didn’t seem to stop. You’re not a person who can’t laugh at her own self but something about your friend’s tone, something about the look on her face makes you feel like she isn’t doing this just for the fun.

The one who finds a way to be the third-wheel on all your dates
The other day, you specifically told all your friends about the amazing date night you and your partner have planned. You told them what you would be wearing, which movie you’d go to watch first and the exact name of the fancy restaurant you’d go to for dinner. And just as you reach the cinema, you find this friend of yours, the one who pretended that she wasn’t even listening, randomly coming in to watch the exact same movie at the exact same time you had planned.

So you meet each other, you see that she’s alone and you politely ask her to join you. She doesn’t take a second to think and happily follows you into the cinema. After that, it’s not even a question of inviting her as she tells you how she’s really excited for dinner afterwards as well.

The one who keeps suggesting better options for you

There will always be this one friend who’ll make you feel like no guy is good enough for you. No matter how handsome or how funny or how accomplished your guy is, she will find a reason to dislike him and encourage you to just keep looking. And what will make this situation odder is that she won’t ever have a solid explanation for why she doesn’t like this one.

The one who has a sudden desire to hang out with you more often

So you have this one friend who you’ve known for a long time now but you don’t really meet that often. She’s always been important to you but you two have completely different lives and the most you guys can do is meet each other once a month. But suddenly, and noticeably from the day you started dating, she keeps calling you to meet. She complains that you don’t have time for her anymore and she keeps showing up randomly to meet you almost every day.

The one who refuses to help you in any situation related to your partner
You have this big date in a few days but you just can’t seem to decide on what you’ll wear. All your clothes are either too old or too simple or just not sexy enough. So you call up that friend, the one who never differentiated between your clothes and her own. You explain your situation to her and ask her to lend you her black dress but she immediately tells you that she’s not home.

You tell her that the date is day after tomorrow so you can come get it later but she keeps making up excuses on how she won’t be home any time in the next two days. This isn’t the first time she has refused to help you in anything related to your love life and you know that it definitely won’t be the last.

The one who can’t stop flirting with your boyfriend

You’re not the girl who would mind if her boyfriend and her friends are close with each other. You actually want it that way! You want them to share jokes, have meaningful conversations and get along well. But in between all the fun and talks they share, you can’t help but notice this one friend who always takes the joke a little too far, who really tries to dig deep into whatever your partner is saying, and who never waits to ask your boyfriend to dance with her when you’re at a party together. So you always feel a little cautious around her and try to make sure she doesn’t put any actual moves on your man.

The one who has become all competitive

From the first day you started dating, this one friend began comparing her guy to yours in every way possible. She drives you crazy asking random questions about how much he earns or how many dates you go on or what he did for your birthday. And with every reply you give, she feels the need to tell you the answers to those questions in her own context, without you even asking. She needs to assert in front of you and in front of anyone who might hear her, that her relationship is definitely better than yours.

The one who tries to divert attention from him

You’re sitting with your friends, telling them all about the unbelievable birthday dinner your boyfriend had planned for you, the thoughtful gifts he gave and about his amazing heart-felt card. You’re right in the middle of your story, just about to explain the best part and this friend jumps in with something that happened with her yesterday, something incredibly unrelated and insignificant. You can’t help but feel angry and remember all the innumerable times that she has done this before.

The one who looks disgusted every time you both do something even remotely romantic
You’re not the couple who indulges in PDA 24/7 and makes everyone around them feel uncomfortable. You’re not like that and you wouldn’t ever want to be. But if you have this friend who just can’t stop herself from expressing her disgust if you guys even hug for a second in front of her, then that is definitely her problem and not yours.

The one who can’t stop telling stories of your past boyfriends to your guy

Now this last kind of friend is probably one of the most dangerous ones to keep around. Everyone has a past, a past where they made some huge mistakes, hooked up with some extremely weird people and did things that they never want to remember. So if you have a friend who loves digging into this past of yours every time she meets your guy, then try and keep her far. As far away from your man as possible!

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