7 ways to make sure you end up with someone who adores you

Have you ever been with a person who brightens up your life just by being a part of it? This person who isn’t even trying to impress you or make you like them, this person that you can be with all day and never get tired of and this person you absolutely adore in every sense of the word. All of us want to be that person for someone; all of us want to be loved in that unconditional way and all of us want a life partner who would love, respect and adore us.

All we have to do to make that happen is to follow these simple steps:

Be true to yourself

Do you know when people find you the most beautiful? When you’re being yourself! When you let out that spontaneous laughter. When you talk so passionately about the things you love. When you stop caring about all the judgement and all the gossip and you start living life just the way you want to. So stop trying to hide your uneven teeth behind a fake smile, stop keeping all your real thoughts and opinions to yourself, stop trying to copy that actor you idolise and be true to who you really are.

All your flaws and all the parts of you that make you insecure are the things your partner wants to explore the most. They are the things that make you real, the things that make you stand out, and the things that will make your partner fall deeply in love with you.

Practice honesty

Be honest in the things that really matter and even in the things that might not. Let them know about the things that upset you. They’re here to listen and understand, not to guess what might be going on in your mind. If they have an opinion you don’t agree with, let them know your point of view. If you realize that you’ve made a mistake, gear up the courage to admit it instead of lying and covering it up. And if you compliment them when they look good, be comfortable enough to let them know when their favorite shoes just don’t match their outfit.

Even if some of these things might make them temporarily angry or upset, you will see their advantages in the long run. Your partner will learn to trust you better, they’ll learn to respect you for your integrity and you will build an unmatchable comfort level in your relationship.

Keep your sense of humor alive

You wake up at 7 in the morning, you go to work with the grumpiest mood and you spend all day working and trying to figure out when this never-ending cycle would end. Somewhere along the way, when we’re consumed with all this work and trying so hard to just get through life, we lose ourselves, we lose the things that made us feel alive, we lose the ability to look at the lighter side of things and we forget how to smile, let alone laugh.

Life can be overwhelming and it can be scary but only if we allow it to be. Very few people in the world have the ability to perform all their duties in life and still remember to crack a joke whenever they get a chance, to try and make everyone’s day better by sharing a joke or a funny story and by making sure that no one gets too stressed out by the difficulties of life. Be that person – if not for everyone than at least for your partner!

Be selfless
Now, this doesn’t mean that you should always bend over backwards just to keep everyone else happy, or suppress every desire you have to fulfil the needs of others or let anyone use you because of your kindness. No, the key is to maintain a balance between doing what you want and making sure that the people around you are not negatively affected by it in any way.

Learn to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Accept the fact that everyone else deserves just as much joy from life as you do. And make sure that each and every one of your actions, words and decisions are not motivated by just the one desire to keep your own self eternally content.

Have an open mind

Everyone has the right to think, to form their own opinions and to have their own set of values and morals. Just because you believe something to be right or wrong, it does not mean that it will be accepted universally that way. Don’t be the person who starts a fight the minute someone disagrees with them. Don’t impose your own view of life on the people around you. And learn to respect every person you meet, regardless of their beliefs, views and opinions.

Life as we see it does not remain stagnant. It keeps on evolving! New discoveries are made every day, new theories are formed and in order to evolve and accept this change, keeping an open mind is absolutely essential. All of this will naturally demonstrate to your partner how accepting you are about everything around you.

Remain helpful

Can you ever live with a person who never has the time for you, who feels that their work and stress is above everyone else’s and who can’t spare a minute to even listen, let alone help you out in any of your work? Even if you could, that person would hardly ever be able to give you the happiness you deserve. You would never be fully involved with that person and one day, you might even decide to leave.

The world already has enough stressed out and self-absorbed people, don’t be an addition to them! Listen to your partner when they’re having a hard time, try to share their work when they’re being over-burdened and one day when you’re feeling the same way, they’ll be right there to help you out too.

Stay humble
No one likes being around a cocky and boastful person. You might be the most successful and most loved person to have ever walked on this earth but the minute you let it get to your head, the minute you start thinking too highly of your own self and the minute you decide to announce it to the world and expect everyone to praise you for it is when it will all come crashing down.

The people who are truly loved by all are the ones who quietly and naturally make this world a better place.

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