6 Things Your Partner Does That Tell You Never To Let Them Go

Never let them go, ever!
No relationship can ever be absolutely perfect. You drive each other crazy at times, have the most horrible fights once in a while and sometimes, you even go a few days without talking and just waiting for the other person to call or text first. But the truth is that no matter how mad you get, no matter how many fights you have, you still know in your heart that you can never stop loving this person. And it’s not because you’re weak or you’re just settling!

It’s because your reasons to love them outnumber your reasons to fight. It’s because no matter how mad you get, you know in your heart that this person really is the one for you. And it’s because you’d rather fight with them every single day of your life than be with anybody else in the world.

Here are 7 things your partner does that strengthen your belief in the fact that you should never let them go:

They know how to calm you down when you’re angry

There are very few people in the world who are lucky or unlucky (depends on how they take it) enough to see your real side, to know the things that infuriate you, and to understand how to handle you when you’re at your absolute worst. You never even realized when you let out this side in front of your partner because they were so good at understanding and calming you down.

They didn’t run off the minute you got a little difficult. They helped you talk things out, they hugged you tight even when you tried to push them away and when you needed to just scream, they still stayed till the storm passed.

They’re not trying to control your life
We’ve all dated that guy, the one who needs to track every movement you make, the one who dictates you over who you’re allowed to meet, the one who just won’t let you have an inch of space in the relationship. It’s essential to meet that guy once, in order to truly appreciate your current partner.

You both are secure enough to let each other live your own life, to take time away from each other just to spend it with your family and friends, and to not question each other on where you are or who you’re with.

They have complete trust in you

Your partner doesn’t ever demand to go through your text messages, Facebook account or any other private part of your life. They respect your privacy completely and trust you enough to know that you wouldn’t ever cheat or lie to them. Trust is the most essential part of a successful relationship and if you have managed to build it with your partner, don’t ever think of leaving.

They inspire you to do better
Even in the times you were at your lowest, those times when rejection seemed to be your only friend, when you began to think of yourself as completely worthless, there was one person who still always believed in you. They believed you would succeed. They believed that tomorrow would be a better day. They believed that you had a very long way to go.

And that belief was the only thing that kept you going. That belief made you try out things you never imagined, it made you be better than you were yesterday, and it helped you grow continuously as a person.

Their love is unconditional
You remember the things that kept you awake at night, those insecurities that stopped you from moving forward, and those feelings that you were going to keep hidden inside yourself forever? Your partner helped you speak about them, they helped you cope with them, and today, it’s hard for you to even remember some of them.

They never judged you for them. They didn’t think of them as your weaknesses. They loved you for all your flaws and all your imperfections because that’s what made you beautiful, that’s what made you real and that’s what made them fall unconditionally in love with you.

They never let it get boring

You guys have spent two or more years together and that special person still works effortlessly towards keeping the relationship interesting and towards making sure that the spark never dies down. It’s hard for you to count all the adventures you’ve had, the new things they made you try out, the places you’ve travelled and all the cute little surprises they’ve given. You never knew how many things there were to explore and enjoy until you met them.

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