10 Things to Consider Before Getting Married

So you say your vows at the altar, you place the rings on each other’s fingers and you start off your journey with another person for the rest of your days. But have you ever considered a must-have or must-do list before sealing the deal of marriage?

It takes a lot of commitment and compromise for two people to conjoin their hearts together with the chord of marriage. It is only fair, then, to have some definitive factors set before you to ensure that yes, you ought to take that road and marry your partner.
Here, we sum up some simple things to consider before you decide to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

Evolve from Heartbreak
Heartbreak is the ultimate make-it-or-break-it deal. If you’ve had your heart broken, you know how to handle that sort of pain. It can teach you how to cope with relationship issues later in your marriage.

2. Learn from your Mistakes

Look at your past, find what it is you did wrong in your previous relationships. Figure out a way to improve yourself in that regard before you decide to start a new relationship. Repeating those mistakes will not just destroy your new relationship, but will also personify you unfit for marriage in your partner’s eyes.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Love
You cannot just decide in a heartbeat that you want to get married. Nothing is ever that straightforward. You need to release your heart from the wild cages it is locked in, go out there, take chances, fall in love – more than once even, if possible – and figure out the exact kind of partner you would like to spend a lifetime with.

4.Make your Deal Breakers

List out clearly the things you wouldn’t want your partner to make you compromise on. And also get to know their values that they would not want you to compromise on. It will greatly help you both where each of you stands when it comes to sealing the bond marriage.

5. Build a fortress of Unbreakable Trust
Needless to say, trust is the backbone of any relationship. Learn to trust your partner as well as make them trust you. Otherwise, how else would you journey safely in the floods that might come in your relationship?

6. Spend Some Quality Time With Yourself

In a world that is constantly trying to change you, it is much too hard to be yourself, is it not? Always try to be yourself, being comfortable in your own skin. You never know who out there might fall for you for being yourself. Learn to spend some time alone so that the right person for you will also feel comfortable to be with you, knowing the sort of person you are.

7. Get to Know Your Partner Well
If you are interested enough in someone to marry them, it is important that you get to know all the basic facts about them: health issues (if any), financial status, likes, dislikes and other such basic things about them. Would you rather be married only to learn later on that your spouse is heavy in debts or has diabetes? No, right?  So always better to clear the smoke in time. 

8. Live with an Outsider

Consider it a slight test, like testing the waters before you take the final plunge into marriage. Live with someone outside of your family, like a friend. It will show you your weak points when it comes to living with someone else under the same roof. You want to know if you can live with your spouse so this can be a good way of getting to know that.

9. Build a Sound Career for Yourself
It is always best to be financially stable before marriage. It doesn’t matter how rich your spouse might be. You need to ensure you are on the safe side too when it comes to being independent.

10. Work on Your Personal Traits and Decide Why

Fights and arguments will inevitably form a part of your marriage. So, learn when to compromise and when to fight fairly, when to let go and hold on, when to be patient and when to speak up, when to apologize and when to forgive… simply so that you will have more great experiences in your marriage than regrets, because regrets will not work, they will just hurt. It will show your partner you are willing and mature enough to do whatever it takes to make things work in your relationship.

Accept the person you choose to marry as they are. It will make it much easier for you to walk alongside your spouse in the future. Furthermore, decide why it is you want to marry in the first place, what your needs and wants are exactly.

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