4 things to always remember if you want your relationship to last

Relationships can be very unpredictable. You have days where you feel like you’re going really strong, you feel like this relationship is definitely the one that will actually last, and that nothing in the world can break you apart. And then out of nowhere, things start to break down, your faith starts to dwindle and you start to wonder whether you’ll even last this week, let alone an entire lifetime.

It’s frustrating and completely shocking sometimes. You feel confused, confused about what went wrong, confused about all the unexpected turns your love life keeps taking, and confused on how to make this randomness stop.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you and to tell you that you don’t have to live in this life of confusion and unpredictability anymore.

If you want to make sure that your relationships lasts till the very end, then always remember these 4 things:

It’s not necessary to spend every waking minute of the day together
You are two unique and independent individuals with different lives, different friends, different families and probably even different goals. It’s not even humanly possible for either of you to be together every second of the day. While your partner should still always be your top priority, you both need to understand that your partner will always need some space.

So don’t start obsessing and going crazy over the fact that you haven’t met since a week. Don’t fight with your partner if they’ve been a little busy lately. Let them live their own life and start living your own in order to make your relationship an avenue to help each other grow.

But it’s still necessary to meet on a regular basis
While you’re not obligated to be with each other every minute of every day, you’re still obligated to meet each other consistently if you want your relationship to work. Don’t get too involved in your life apart that you stop feeling the need to be together anymore.

Plan a special date at least every month, if not every week. Drop by their office for a spontaneous lunch date. Go out for a movie on the weekend. And if meeting is a difficult option at the moment, you can always call them up and let them know about everything that’s been happening in your life.

Never forget the start, the time when you two actually fell for each other
When time keeps on passing, when the initial excitement and romance of your relationship starts to die down, and when monotony and boredom start to take over your relationship, you lose sight of why you ever started this in the first place.

You start to forget all those moments that made you truly fall in love with your partner: the first time you saw them and felt like you could never take your eyes off, your first date when you just couldn’t stop talking and laughing together, your first kiss that made your heart pound faster than you could ever imagine, the first time they cried in front of you and how you vowed in your heart that you won’t ever let a single tear drop from those eyes again!

Keep remembering all those moments, all those reasons of why you love them so much, and all those memories that light a never-ending spark in your heart.

It’s all about the little things
You don’t need to buy them the most expensive gift you can think of or promise them a world tour in the future to make sure they don’t leave. What really matters in a relationship are all the little things, the small ways to show them that you truly care.

Every day that you’re together, try to do something different, try to make your partner smile and try to keep the excitement alive. This can be as simple as telling them how beautiful they look today or getting them a bar of their favorite chocolate if they’re not feeling so well.

Leave them cute notes just to tell them how much you love them. Text them every day just to ask how their day is going. Hold their hand when you’re together and keep them close to you. Kiss them when they least expect it. You’ll realize how small gestures like this can go a long way in making your relationship successful and long-lasting.

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