10 Signs You’re Not A Psychotic Girlfriend, You’re Just With The Wrong Person

psychotic-girl friend-wrong person
Don’t let anyone call you “psychotic” and get away with it. It’s NOT OKAY!
Most girls I know have grown up to believe that they can never escape the destiny of becoming a ‘psychotic girlfriend’. And why is that you ask? Because they’ve been led to believe that every single thing they do out of love, every small gesture they do for the person they care about and any demands they have when they’re in a relationship is just unreasonable bullshit. So they’ll try to act like they’re cool and they don’t care.

They’ll act like their guy’s indifference has no effect on them. But when their mind and heart keeps disagreeing with these actions, they’ll just assume that they’ve gone crazy. They’ll embrace it. And they’ll start believing that being ‘psychotic’ is just a part of their personality. Here are some of the reasons why a girl is considered psychotic in a relationship, and reasons for why a lot of relationships don’t work out.

1.She doesn’t like it when her boyfriend didn’t text her back.
But why the hell are you not texting her back? She’s your GIRLFRIEND!
2.She doesn’t like it when her boyfriend ditches any of their plans.
You made plans with her. You had a commitment. Why is she never a priority in your life?

3.She goes through his phone
Who is he always texting? Who keeps texting him at 2 in the night, and why won’t he just let you see his phone to end your suspicions?
4.She gets upset when her boyfriend doesn’t answer her calls
He has his phone with him 24/7, and you know for sure that he’s not at work. Then what exactly is his excuse after the 5th missed call?

5.She gets angry when her boyfriend accuses her of things she hasn’t done
You get excited about unexpectedly meeting a guy you knew from college and you’re suddenly getting questioned on whether you used to sleep with him. And the worst part? You actually feel a little guilty!

6.She doesn’t like it when her boyfriend parties too much
He got really wasted last night and now his terrible hangover won’t allow him to come to that party you were supposed to attend together, or even get up from bed in the morning.

7.She gets jealous when her boyfriend texts other girls
Okay, so she’s just a friend? Then why has your girlfriend never heard her name before or met her even once in the two years that you’ve been together?

8.She gets jealous of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends
He still holds on to all the stuff she gifted him. He still has pictures of her in his phone. And it’s not uncommon to find him stalking her Facebook profile once a month at least. Can you really say she has no reason to be insecure?

9.She wants more love and affection than her boyfriend is willing to give
Sometimes, it just feels like no matter how much love you give, no matter how good you are to him, he just won’t be able to love you the way you truly want. 
10.She gets upset because she doesn’t think that she’s on the same page as him

Do you know what’s worse than being single? Being with someone who just can’t seem to understand you, someone who just won’t reveal their true self, and someone who always feels so distant.

But is she really crazy? Or is she just an insecure girl who wants more love than her boyfriend can ever agree to give her? Maybe she is just a little bit of both. But one thing I’m sure of is the fact that she didn’t become this way on her own. She didn’t choose to be crazy or insecure. She was made to be this way by all the guys who didn’t know the meaning of an actual relationship, all the guys who didn’t have the courage to truly love her and all the guys who just couldn’t appreciate her for who she really is. Here are a few things I want to say to the girl who is forced to believe that she’s ‘psychotic’:

A good boyfriend will always text you back. Because why the hell would he not want to talk to you?
A good boyfriend won’t ditch you on any plans. Unless it’s an actual emergency of course! And if he just wants a night with his guy friends, he’ll let you know first to make sure that you’re comfortable with it.
A good boyfriend won’t bat an eye if you ever ask for his phone. Because what’s his is yours (Although you probably shouldn’t even feel the need to check his phone)

A good boyfriend might not be very good at answering calls, but he will always remember to call you back as soon as he sees the missed call.
A good boyfriend will never accuse you of anything. If he has a problem with something, he’ll talk to you about it like a mature adult.

A good boyfriend won’t overdo with the alcohol and drugs if he knows he can’t handle them or if he knows that you’ll be negatively affected by them.
A good boyfriend is allowed to have female friends, but those girls will be willing to be your friends as well.

A good boyfriend won’t need the feel to bring up his ex-girlfriend. He will actually avoid this subject at all times. And if he ever feels that you’re getting insecure about anything, he’ll remind you that you’re the only one for him.
A good boyfriend will be as loving and affectionate as you. He won’t let you feel like there’s something missing all the time.

It’s important for you and your boyfriend to be on the same page, or at least have the same views on the important things in life. If this is not so, then there’s really no point in trying to make It work.

You are not the psychotic girlfriend. And it’s absolutely necessary that you never let anyone tells you or try to convince you that you are. If your boyfriend makes you think you’re psychotic, you’re simply with the wrong person!

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