10 Signs Your Relationship Is Doing Well (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)

Relationship can be confusing. You start off with a passion so deep, an excitement that never seems to end, and you start to think that this feeling right here is the only definition of love. But with time, things start to slow down. You don’t talk for hours like you used to. You don’t feel that unbelievable desire for each other like you did in the start.

And you start to become more and more insecure about your relationship. In times like these, it’s important to remember that the initial honeymoon period of a relationship can’t last forever. And the fact that things aren’t the way they used to be in the start, doesn’t necessarily imply that your relationship is reaching its end.

Here are 10 signs to know that you’re relationship is doing well, even when you feel like it isn’t:

You still laugh together
Laughing with your partner is a sign of intimacy. And it doesn’t matter what you’re laughing at- their silly dance or the funny meme you saw online or maybe an inside joke that no one else can possibly understand. What matters is the fact that you can both enjoy each other’s company, without having to resort to sex.

You share similar goals
Every individual has certain goals in life. While many of these goals can surely change over time, what’s important is that you and your partner are always on the same page in terms of basic moral values and goals in life. If you both want the same things out of life and are willing to make the commitment of achieving these things together, then you have reached a good place in your relationship.

You both trust each other
A relationship can never survive in the absence of trust. If you both are completely honest and open about your feelings, desires, and problems with each other at all times, then you’ve reached a level of trust that few couples can achieve.

You are still individuals
A lot of couples start to lose sight of who they were as individuals, as soon as they enter a relationship. They become too dependent on their partners. They don’t take out the time to do the things that were important to them, the things that their partner isn’t much interested in. And they forget to be their own person.

If you and your partner allow each other the time and space to go off separately to enjoy your own interests and hobbies, and then come back together, this displays an extremely high level of support and trust between you two.

You encourage each other
There are times in life when we feel like starting something new- a business, a hobby, a new job- but we feel too scared or unsure about it. If your partner keeps encouraging you in times like these and supports every decision you take, it shows how they really have your back.

Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. They should look forward to all your pursuits with complete selflessness and realize that a relationship is always about what you BOTH want. If you have found a person like this, hold onto them!

You still talk
This point might seem silly to you but answer this first- Do you guys still talk over dinner or do you just sit across from each other and keep going through your cell phones? If you feel like you can still share a meaningful conversation with your significant other without feeling bored or annoyed, then you are doing much better than most couples I know.

People stick with each other for several different reasons, and one of those should always be the ability to discuss everything that’s on your mind with this one person.

You have realistic expectations about each other
If you can’t stop yourself from dreaming about how your partner should always act a certain way, then you’re bound to have problems. Accept your partner for who they are, without wanting them to change to the version of them that you like best.

Nobody’s perfect and if you both realize this fact and accept each other with all your flaws, insecurities, and imperfections, then the bond you share is stronger than many.

You work like a team
Strong couples work together to accomplish the big tasks as well as the small. While one of you takes out the trash, the other is washing the dishes. You take turns in cooking meals. And you share the load of all your expenses as well.

If you always see yourselves as a team and work together to help and take care of each other, then your relationship is going pretty strong. When you work like a team, neither of you will ever resent the other for having to perform a certain chore because you’ll feel content in knowing that your partner is busy taking care of something else.

You support each other in public
Arguments and disagreements are an inevitable part of every relationship. But if any of you feels the need to contradict the other in front of other people, then this is a sign of trouble.

What you need to remember is that it’s you two against the world and you need to have your partner’s back at all times. Even if you feel like your partner is wrong in a certain situation, just pull them aside and discuss the issue quietly.

You discuss instead of arguing
It doesn’t matter if you disagree on something very strongly. You should both be able to discuss each other’s differing opinions, without resorting to screaming or name calling.

If you’ve been very upset about a certain issue but you still manage to discuss it calmly, then this shows some very basic and essential appreciation and respect for your partner’s opinions.

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