10 reasons your last failed relationship was actually a lesson, and not a failure

Here are ten reasons your last failed relationship was actually a lesson, and not a failure:

It helped you realize what kind of love you truly deserve
Accepting love can be difficult sometimes. But what’s even more difficult is to realize that you actually deserve it. A failed relationship gives you an opportunity to recognize all the things your partner never gave you, and all the things you kept giving them- the ones they always failed to acknowledge or appreciate.

You deserve a person who doesn’t take everything for granted. You deserve someone who knows how to appreciate all the little things you do for them. And you deserve someone who is willing to return all the love you give them.

You learned about the things you want and the things you don’t
When you and your significant other keep failing at making each other happy, you start to realize what exactly it is that you want and what they can never give you. You felt angry in all the moments he never thanked you, and now you’ve realized that all you want is a little bit of gratitude.

You felt sad when he kept breaking all the promised he had made, and now you’ve realized that all you want is loyalty. The disappointments you faced helped you in figuring out the things you truly want, so that you would never have to face the same disappointments again.

You learned exactly what you need from someone else
A relationship can teach you the art of balancing dependability. It helps you find the line between depending on your significant other, and permitting them to depend on you, in an attempt to manage both together.
And when either one of you fails in being dependable, you learn exactly what you needed from someone else that they weren’t able to give to you.

You learned about the things you don’t need from someone else

When a relationship ends, you start to realize all the things you’re capable of doing, completely on your own. You start to appreciate solitude rather than fearing it. And your independent, single life starts to feel less like loneliness and more like an achievement.

You learned about the things you’re not willing to give
Staying flexible is always essential in a relationship. But even then, there will always be some things that are just not worth compromising. You should never have to give away a part of yourself just to make someone else happy. If your relationship ended because you failed to do so, then you’re definitely better off without them. This failed relationship will teach you that you need to find a person who loves you enough to accept all parts of you, which will include the things you can and cannot give them.

It allowed you to acknowledge your weaknesses, and actually start working on them.

Your partner made some mistakes, but so did you! And while your relationship’s failure might not rest solely in your hands, but the fact that it’s actually over will allow you to reflect on all the things you did wrong. Maybe you were too guarded or maybe you just let them in too quickly. But now, you will start to feel a lot more familiar with the way you should share your life with someone, all flaws and imperfections included.

You learned that life doesn’t always turn out the way you imagined
Maybe you always thought that you were going to be together forever, or maybe you always thought that things would end even sooner than they actually did. When a relationship starts to reach its downfall, and when the person in front of you doesn’t even slightly look like the person you actually fell in love with, you start feeling like your life is completely out of your own control. And at first, this will seem terrifying.

But as time passes, you start to become more comfortable with uncertainty. Because the truth is you’re never going to know for sure if someone is right for you or if you’re walking on the right path. And when things stop going according to plan, this reality of life starts to become more apparent and familiar.

You have the time to be selfish
When you’re in a relationship, and when you start to spend every waking minute with your other half, it becomes natural to start placing their needs before your own. But when you finally get the time to be alone, your needs come above everything else. And it’s completely okay to be selfish for a while, especially when you weren’t able to give enough attention to yourself in the first place.

You learned that you’re resilient

It doesn’t matter if the end of your relationship was the result of a mutual agreement or just a blind-sided betrayal. What matters is that you survived it! You’re still here. And no matter what condition your heart and your emotions are in, you are still breathing. And you will continue to do this for all the days to come. You’ve learned that your heart isn’t as fragile and weak as you always thought it was.

You learned that you will love again even after you’ve been hurt
You survived this heartbreak. And you will be able to find love again! Just keep living your life and doing all the things that truly make you happy. And with time, your last failed relationship will start to feel less like failure and more like something that has helped you let go and move forward in life.

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