17 Differences you will observe between a ‘Lover’ and a ‘Life Partner’

lover-life partner
You will encounter many different people in your life. Some will bring with them the kind of excitement that you’ve never felt before, some of them will just fade away as quickly as they came into your life, some will feel like the biggest mistake (and lesson) you’ve ever made but just one of them will truly be here to stay.

This last person will be the only one you need to keep your focus on, the one who has the potential to bring you unimaginable happiness, and the one you will end up sharing your entire life with. Here are 17 differences this person will have from all the ones that came before him:

1.You’re not constantly trying to figure out whether you two are soulmates or not- because you’re too indulged in actually becoming soulmates.

2.You both feel ready. The right things that come at the wrong times become the wrong things. And one of the main reasons behind determining whether a relationship will last is whether or not both the people in it are actually ready for it.
3.You don’t just keep thinking about it. You actually live it! The only time you overthink a relationship is when you have to constantly dig for proof that the relationship isn’t doomed.

4.Your long-term goals in life are pretty much the same. It won’t matter just how convinced you are that someone is meant for you- if one of you doesn’t ever wants kids and the other one does, if one person wants a long-term commitment and the other doesn’t, and if one person want to live in a place that the other doesn’t, all the conviction in to world won’t be able to save the relationship.

5.You never find yourself just looking for ‘evidence’ that they truly love you. You don’t have any subconscious doubt left that will force you into trying to prove something to yourself or anyone else for that matter.
6.You feel comfortable in voicing any concerns you may have about the relationship. The best way of determining whether or not a certain red flag will be a deal breaker for your relationship is to observe whether or not you’re able to talk about it with your partner.

7.Most of your fears seem irrational. What this can imply is you’re not scared that the relationship will fall apart because they say they don’t wish to commit, but you’re scared you’re going to lose them (even though they keep telling you they love you) because losing someone you love just feels really scary. The more irrational your fear, the better. Because this means it isn’t based on actual issues.

8.If someone took away the sexual aspect of your relationship, you would still remain best friends.
9.They have managed to redefine your thoughts about what your ‘type’ is instead of just fitting into your thoughts about what you always wanted.

10.You feel more loved in all the ordinary, everyday moments than when you’re actually all dressed up and trying to impress them.
11.It’s not necessary that you’re completely certain about them, but you are absolutely willing to observe whether or not you will become certain with the passing of time.

12.Even when it’s moving really quickly, you don’t feel like you’re rushing into anything. There’s a big difference between committing in a relationship because you feel very strongly about your partner and committing just because you’re so unsure about wanting something stable.

13.You feel happy when you’re on your own. And you can continue feeling happy on your own, even if you would lose this one person and get your heart-broken. What this implies is that your reason for being with them isn’t just your fear of being alone.

14.You really want to spend time with them… a lot of it! This shows how you actually like your relationship, and not just the idea of being in a relationship.
15.You feel comfortable when you’re around them. You feel like being yourself. You feel like letting them into your life exactly the way it is, and not in an inflated version which you assume they would prefer. You want a true connection and intimacy from them, not just an ego boost.

16.You have started to feel more at peace ever since you met them. The core of your relationship is based on a calm knowing, and not a tiring need to immediately ‘figure it all out’.
17.You don’t find yourself looking for reason to just write things off- you find yourself looking for ways to make everything work somehow. You don’t focus on why it shouldn’t be, but on how it can become.

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