6 Things that are stopping you from finding True Love

finding love
Why do always things end badly for me? Why I am always the one who doesn’t know what true love really feels like?
These are the questions that swamped me many times in my life and I had no answer to them, so I started thinking that everything bad is destined to happen to me. Like, I was finally getting my comeuppance which was due for a long time. I was shrouded by this cloud of emptiness, so I stunted my individual growth and resorted to being a nihilist. Nothing had meaning and I stopped trying. I was in this existential crisis and everyday was no different from the next.

Some people think that hope will destroy them and envisioning the future will only trap them in a dilemma. Although, that might be partly true but the pursuit of love is both a cerebral and physical one and you can’t expect to get true love if you’re not willing to take risks in life. You have to get hurt and you have to bear the brunt of your mistakes and move on in life to achieve something.

If you haven’t found true love yet, there might be a pattern, a pattern you’re oblivious to. Here are some things that might be hindering you from finding love.

Giving Everyone an equal chance
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you’re not supposed to find hot people attractive. This society has put all the wrong things in our head. Like, sometimes we just think that if we give an average looking guy a chance with a good personality and a big heart, it will alleviate our social status.

Come on, if you find a person who loves you and cares for you, give them a good chance, and go for it if you have the same feelings for them. Forget about what the society thinks. This society only values materialistic things which have no soul.

Our skins will wither away but our naked souls will stay youthful till the day we die. If you get someone who looks like David Beckham and actually possesses his personality, then you’ve hit the jackpot.
Your guy isn’t supposed to be a saint. He must be okay with who you are and accept you as you were made and ready to bear with your evolution over the years.

You Past still haunts you
The past is a terrifying place to live in. Everyone has experiences that hold them back from getting what they want. Our insecurities rule over us like Kings and Queens.

Sometimes you want to love someone with all your heart but you mess it up and you hold yourself back from true love because you think that it won’t end well. You think that your past will repeat itself and leave you shattered. Life is all about taking chances and Love demands risks.

You have stopped growing Individually
We accept the love we think we deserve. If we don’t grow individually and don’t make ourselves better and love worthy, then we will never go for someone we truly deserve. We will always settle for something average. True Love isn’t average.

The Timing is just wrong
Sometimes, the time isn’t right. Time is an important factor when it comes to true love. Sometimes, you’ve found someone you truly love but you’re both going separate ways and it just doesn’t work out.

However, if you truly love someone, then you have to stay hopeful and keep on doing the right things and preserve the same person someone fell in love with. Never rule out the possibility of meeting with your one true love again. Keep them in your heart and believe that the universe has a plan

You’re going for someone who will never love you
Unrequited love is one of the worst things anyone can face. It completely destroys your self-esteem. When you love someone, it is hard to let go of them. Time can add sentiment to everything. If you love someone and they don’t reciprocate your love and you’re not trying to get over them and hanging on to the possibility of something that will never happen, you’re making things worse for yourself with every passing minute.

You’re missing out on someone who is out there. Someone who can love you wholeheartedly, someone who can show you what true love really feels like.

You think you will lose your freedom
Loneliness is addicting. It’s freedom in the purest form. You don’t have to listen to anyone. You don’t have to fulfil anyone’s expectations and you can do what you want. The thing with Loneliness is that its effects are short-lived and sooner rather than later, you will need someone. When you’ve got a taste of something so sweet, you’re scared to compromise it. However, you don’t realize that a relationship isn’t meant to constrict your freedom. Someone who loves you truly won’t make you feel claustrophobic.

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