25 Signs it’s time to Quit worrying, Because He’s Obviously Never Going to Cheat on You

If you’re one of those people who are in a constant battle with themselves about their boyfriend cheating on them (when he’s really not), this is for you:

1. You don’t feel the need to keep bombarding him with questions on where he’s heading or who he’s going to meet every time he goes out of the house. He makes sure you know all of this before you even get the chance to ask. On top of that, he will always run his plans by you. He will make sure that his plans do not overlap with the plans you two have made together. You know what? It will seem like he can read your mind and answers your questions without you having to ask them. It’s like that he understands you and you two are on the same wavelength.

Even if sometimes, he is not able to decode your problems, he will always try his best to hear them out and he will try to interpret them. He will not leave you alone in this time of difficulty. He will give you your personal space when needed and he will respect your privacy but he will know when you need someone to put a shoulder on as well. He will trust you and you have to make sure that you never shatter his trust because in this world, it’s really hard to find people who trust you with all their heart. Finding someone like that is no less than a miracle.

2. Every time a girl’s name comes up on his phone screen, you don’t feel that tinge of jealousy or insecurity because you’re aware of exactly who she is. He has already mentioned her to you before. In fact, you know about all the people he interacts with. The two of you are now familiar with each and every aspect of one other’s lives. Chances are, that all the people in your life know that you two are together and inseparable.

You trust him and you know that he will never betray you that is why you’re not worried of what kind of relationship he has with other people in his life. You never have to worry about the people he hangs out with and the things he does when he isn’t around you. You are more than happy to give him space so that he can grow individually as a person and not become dull and dreary.

3. In fact, if you ever felt like going through his phone, you could! You know all of his passcodes and he feels no problem in leaving his stuff lying around when he goes somewhere. He never acts protective of his phone or his laptop, because he doesn’t have anything to hide from you. If you two are living together, you probably use the same gadgets anyway and there is no material privacy in your lives.  Most of the couples nowadays are very protective about their phones because they always have something to hide.

A relationship is ruined by such stuff because it declines the trust between   the couple. When you are in a committed relationship and are really serious about being with your partner, you will not be hesitant in hiding anything from them. Guys  who have no fear  of sharing their private life with their  partner  have no  thoughts  of  cheating and all  they want is  to be loyal because  to some  people loyalty means a whole lot more than some menial affair. These are the people to stand by.

4. He has even given you the passwords to his email and social media accounts. So, if you ever feel like snooping around, you can! The best part is, he won’t even consider it as “snooping around.” He will probably not even think of it twice. He can never hide things from you and he doesn’t want to. Why would he? He has given himself to you completely and is fully committed to you.

5.You’ve never seen him flirting with other girls or using the words of admiration for someone other than you. It’s very rare, if not non-existent, for you to catch him staring at the waitress’s breasts or your friend’s ass. He makes you feel like you are the only girl in the room and the only girl who matters to him. You are his universe and you are his everything. There is no chance in hell that he will ever be attracted to anyone but you. At this stage, even the curious and friendly flirting is gone unless of course, it is with you.

6.He has never been caught in a lie with you. You never feel the need to question a single word that comes out of his mouth, because none of it has ever sounded sketchy. As far as you have experienced, he has always been completely honest with you. You trust him completely and he never given you a reason to make you doubt your trust for him. In fact, there are no trust issues in your relationship because there is no need for either of you to lie. Why would you? When there is perfect and unconditional acceptance on both sides.
Problems and issues are present in every human’s life and in your case, you two trust one another completely to share those problems and reach a wise conclusion by being an effective and trusting team.

7.If you ever let him know that something he’s been doing makes you feel uncomfortable, he will immediately change his behavior in order to fix the situation. He always does everything he can to ensure that you’re happy. To him, your happiness comes first, you are his top most priority and all the other things are secondary. He will always make sure that he goes out of his way to give you the support that you need. He will not bring his ego into the scenario and will compromise happily. If anything, he will feel honored to be able to give you the support that you need. He will cherish the compromises as he cherishes you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 4am in the night and you’ve secluded yourself from the entire world and are trapped in a cage of overthinking, he will always try to do stuff to make you happy and he will always try to give you untethered hope and his endless support. At times, he will not be able to get you out of that gray zone but that will not stop him from being there for you. Humans always push away the people they love because sometimes they have to face their monsters and demons that lie deep inside them. They think that no one can help them but some people just change our convictions and make us dream and make us believe. They make this hard life an easy one. When you find such a guy, you will truly know what love really is and what a powerful tool can it be

8.Even in the times when he’s wasted, he really knows how to control himself. He has never ended up doing anything reckless or anything that he’ll regret in the morning. You are his anchor and he can never lose control when you are with him. He is a perfect gentleman even when he is drunk. His respect for you in hard-wired into his psyche and no amount of alcohol can make him forget what you meant to him.  You can just feel it in your bones that you and he are meant to be together and that you can trust him with all your heart. Loyalty is not just a concept to him anymore; it is a person that he never wants to hurt. Love teaches a person a lot of things and one of them is self-control and when a person has learnt the art of self-control, he can hold on to anything he wants. It just depends on how badly he wants to hold on to someone or something.

9.None of his best friends or parents has been a cheater. The people you’re closest to always impact you the most. And if they’re all faithful, then there’s a higher probability that he will be faithful to you as well. He probably has already introduced you to his family and close relatives. They see how much of a positive impact you have had on him and they all love you for it. His family and friends respect you and you respect them. I’m not necessarily saying that the behaviors of our parents or people who accompany us pass on to us almost all the time.

That is just wrong and we have no right to judge people solely based on such details. I’m just saying that if there is a pattern in the family, there might be a slight probability that this behavior might have influenced your partner as well. It is better to be cautious at the start of a relationship than to just blindly trust them. They are nothing to you before they are everything to you and when they are everything to you, you can trust them with your life. That is how relationships work.

10.If you’re having problems in the relationship, he always comes to you and tries to work things out. The communication between you two is direct and effective. There are no curtains and veils hiding the true emotions. You two are raw with your emotional communication. And the best part is, you two always fix the issues and problems as they arise.
When couples suppress the emotions and do not discuss them, they keep eating at you, at the back of your mind. Your partner realizes it and that is why, chooses to talk about the issues and fix them as soon as possible. When you’re in a relationship with someone you share a deep connection with them. Your bond is not only physical but it is also spiritual and you two absorb each other’s positive and negative energy. If you are going through depression or anxiety, then your guy will know it in his heart that something is wrong with you and he will try to fix things. He will try to be there for you and he will try to make things better for you. He doesn’t know what individual happiness is. All he knows is that the only thing that is real is shared happiness and that can only be achieved when you are also happy. If a guy loves your naked soul, then there is nothing in this world that can take him away from you. You can completely trust him to be there for you for the rest of your life.

11.You share a healthy sex life with him. You both remain open to trying out new ideas and you always ensure that each of you completely satisfies the other. There are no hidden preferences or fantasies and why would there be? You two have unconditionally accepted one another with all the good things and the bad. Physical intimacy between you two will never be an issue and neither of you will withhold physical intimacy in order to manipulate the other into doing something they do not want to.

Physical intimacy has a direct correlation with emotional intimacy. When you two are in sync with each other, everything will make sense and that also includes your sex life. You can just feel like your guy is really there for you and that you two connect on a much deeper level. You two are not only sharing your bodies but you are also sharing your souls. You are completely in love with your naked souls and that is why your bodies seem beautiful to you as well. 

12.You’ve never seen him comparing you to other women or making comments about how you would look sexier if you change one of your physical aspects. He has seen you in your worst possible condition and still loves you the same. His attraction for you will never fade and he will never want you to change anything about your looks. No matter how big of a mess you look, he will wake up every morning and smile the moment he sees you. To him, you will always be the most beautiful woman in the universe. Yes! Even in a hair bun, PJs and an ice-cream moustache!

13.He is happy and content with himself. He has high self-esteem and he doesn’t require the approval of other women just to feel fulfilled. He does not want any sort of external validation. You are the only person whose opinion matters to him. Moreover, he doesn’t feel the need to share the relationship details with those who are not concerned with it. While everyone knows that you two are together for good, he still doesn’t talk about the relationship aspects openly. He doesn’t feel the need to show you off for validation.

In his heart, he knows that you are his and he is yours and that is not of any concern to others. You two have your perfect little world and outsiders are not allowed.  He doesn’t just go on social media and boasts about your relationship. HE is content with what he has and he doesn’t want the world to approve the relationship that you both are in. He is way past the point. All he wants to do now is accept you the way you are and spend more time with you than talking about your relationships in front of people who don’t even matter to begin with.

14.His attitude has remained consistent. He didn’t suddenly stop saying “I love you” or suddenly started buying you expensive gifts for no obvious reason. The consistency in his personality shines in all the aspects of his life. He doesn’t change his behavior suddenly and never has temper outbursts with you. The care and consideration that was there in the start of your relationship is still present and hasn’t faded away even a little. Even after all this time, the spark in your relationship is still alive.

Sure, he might seem off at sometimes because we are all inflicted by troubles of one kind or another in our lives but when he gets out of that phase, you can see that he is the same person that you feel in love with in the first place. As a human, he sometimes gets emotional. Even though the men of 21st century are always reinforced to not show their emotions, he doesn’t shy away from showing you exactly what he is feeling! He is from the outside what he is from the inside. He does not have two faces with you and at all times, you know that he is completely himself.

15.He discusses the future in a way that makes you feel like there’s no way in hell he’ll even think about ruining this relationship and losing you forever. He never let’s go of any chance to talk about his future with you. You two make future plans all the time and deep down, you know that the plans will become a reality sooner or later. You are his universe after all and how can he not include you in his future plans?

Moreover, you have talked about so many things that you will be embarking upon in both the near and distant future. Chances are, that you have probably even discussed the names of your theoretical children. Quite often, you two imagine growing old with one another and in your mind, you see yourselves as happy as you are right now, but just older. Both of you are certain that the relationship will last the test of time. 

16.He has mentioned how he has no respect at all for cheaters, and you can see that he really means it. You can see that he would never end up becoming one of them. He is one of those men who keep their commitment at all costs and he has made a life-commitment with you, to love, cherish and consider you. Why in the world would he give all that up for just a temporary fling? You are right, he won’t. He loathes cheaters and will never become one of them. You feel as secure with him as you do in your favorite blanket sipping on hot chocolate and marshmallows.

17.He has never cheated on any of the girls that came before you, even in the times when they treated him badly. He made sure he broke up with them and gave himself appropriate time before moving on to the next girl. Moreover, he has never disrespected any of his Exs in front of you. If he doesn’t have nice things to say about them, he doesn’t have anything bad to say either because he knows that he finally found “the one” and it wouldn’t have been possible without all the bad experiences in his past. Due to his experiences with his Exs, he is able to realize that he has found a gem and would never disappoint her.

18.Even your closest friend- the one who has always been extremely protective of you and closely examines every guy you date- believes that he’s a nice guy and that you can trust him. In fact, all your friends like him and considers him a respectable guy. They see how much he loves you and admires you. For that, you friends admire him too. As for your family, they are always looking forward to meeting him during special events and holidays, they love his lively company and they love the woman you are around him.

19.He has never accused you of cheating on him or shown insecurity. He trusts you completely, because he has assumed that you’re just as faithful as he is. He trusts you so much that sometimes you wish he would be a little possessive of you. He always gives you all the space that you need and you have never felt suffocated by him. He actually insists you to hang out with your friends more.

20.You’ve never seen him liking a half-naked girl’s photo on Instagram or Facebook. In fact, he uses social media very rarely. He would prefer having a conversation with instead of aimlessly scrolling through his phone. In his free time, he prefers to be with you or do things for you. He is never ashamed of doing chores around the house. He knows how to spend his free time; he knows he can spend his free time on the things that are way better than adult movies.

21.He is always honest about the porn he’s watching. He won’t pretend like he has never seen an adult video before. He will even allow you to go through his browser history, because he doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of as you two already know each and every fantasy that you two have. In fact, he won’t watch porn much. He would rather be physically intimate with you than scroll aimlessly through porn that is devoid of emotions and love.

22. He always gets home on time. Even when he is running late, he will tell you beforehand. Moreover, there will never be sudden, suspicious plans. He will always try to include you in all of his plans not because you ask him to but because he actually wants to. Also, He has never had any unexplainable charges on any of his credit cards. Financially, you two are aware of both the assets and expenses. You two share everything and there are no secrets, financial or otherwise.

23. He always acts selfless. He places you first, because he cares more about your happiness than his own. You know that he would give up everything to see you happy. He is always finding ways to make you smile. In any relationship, it is the small considerations that matter and he is always planning little things for you. He cares deeply about your happiness and well-being. He is so selfless that he doesn’t let you get off the bed when you are sick, he does everything himself and he makes sure that you receive the best rest possible.

24. Your instincts keep telling you to trust him. So does your heart. And your mind. Of course, you listen and you trust your instincts when it comes to him. You are glad that you took a leap of faith with him and things are better than you had hoped for them to be. He truly is your soul mate.

25. You don’t feel like you’re fooling yourself. You don’t feel like you’re forcing yourself to trust him. When he says that he loves you and that he can never hurt you, you genuinely believe him. You will know that this is not just a phase. Your relationship is real and has a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect.He will give you a real commitment. He will always be straight with you about the things that he wants. He respects you so much that he can never play mind games with you. He will tell you that he loves you and plans to spend the rest of his future with you by his side. He is not one of those men who string along a girl without being “exclusive.”

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