8 Things You Have the Right to Expect From Your Partner

It’s not always easy to determine the things you can reasonably demand from your significant other.

Should she reply to every one of my texts as soon as she receives them?
Should he take out the time to go out with you every week?
Should you be splitting the bill in half every time you go to dinner?

But before any couple moves towards resolving these specific questions, they need to start establishing the very basics, the things they should unquestionably ask for from their relationship. Here is a list of 8 things you have the right to expect from your other half:

Physical Affection
You significant other might be expressing their love in the form of words, actions, or even both. But physical love and affection such as holding hands, hugging, kissing, foot or back rubs will always be one of the most important aspects of any romantic relationship.

Your partner is supposed to like you as a person. They are supposed to like seeing you, touching you and demonstrating their love for you in a way that can really reach your heart.

When you’re going through a bad time, when you’re really hurting, and when nothing in life is going your way, you maintain the right to expect your partner to be your rock, to give you strength and patience, and to let you have a soft place to fall back on. Your partner should remain gentle with you when you’re in pain.

Of course, they are never obligated to start reading your mind and truly be ‘in it’ like you are. They don’t necessarily have to start feeling the same things you do. The only thing you should expect is that it matters to them when you’re hurt or upset.

A good partner will always show respect- for all your boundaries and limitations, and for you as a person. They might end up disagreeing with you in certain situations but that won’t ever result in name-calling or ridiculing from their side, even if they claim they’re ‘just teasing’. A truly respectful partner will know and admire all your strengths. And they will be gracious about all your weaknesses.

A good relationship requires that both the partners remain considerate about how their behavior affects the other. Your partner shouldn’t be expected to give you every single thing you ask for, or do all the things you want them to do, but what they do owe you is the courtesy of considering situations from your point of view.

If you feel like your significant other almost never considers your feelings and emotions, then maybe it’s time to start re-evaluating the relationship.

If you’re in a relationship, then you’re most definitely entitled to sharing at least some time with your partner. You shouldn’t start expecting them to be with you 24/7. They have their own life, a job, people to meet but if you feel like they almost NEVER have any time for you, or if they constantly ration the time you share, then it’s time to start thinking of how much more of your own time will you keep dedicating to them.

It’s completely reasonable to expect your significant other to have a greater amount of interest in you than the average person. At least some of your thoughts, opinions, hobbies, activities, or feelings should spark some curiosity or interest in their heart.

A partner who isn’t really interested in you as a person might just be in this relationship to avoid being lonely. And I think it’s safe to say that you both deserve better than that!

Intimacy does not equate to sex. The true essence of intimacy is reached when you truly allow yourself to be known, and also feel the desire to truly know your partner. When you move over and above questions like “Are you more of a night person or a morning person?” and when you truly hope to know your partner’s heart and soul is when real intimacy begins.

his is the time when you start feeling familiar with each other’s emotional and vulnerable selves.

A generous partner is one who actually enjoys helping, comforting, and looking for different ways to make you feel happy. A partner like this won’t necessarily shower you with material gifts or take you on expensive vacations. But they will give themselves fully to this relationship and THAT will feel like the ultimate gift to you.

Having the right to expect all of these things from your partner doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always get them.But it does mean that it’s completely okay for you to ask for these. And it’s okay for it to bother you when you’re not getting them from your partner.

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