11 Ways to Make Sure He Stays Interested

Stay interested in him if you want him to do the same for you.
Keeping a guy interested can feel like quite the challenge at times. Guys are much pickier than you expect them to be. And that reason, in itself, is enough for him to start losing interest. For us girls, this situation can be very difficult to handle, especially when the standard for what a man wants in a woman keeps changing constantly.

And it keeps pushing us towards extreme measures. Their likes seem to keep changing every minute. In one moment, they’re drooling all over that girl with the curvy body and in the very next, you see them running after the slimmest of all girls. So it’s not exactly a mystery why girls remain confused on how to keep their guy interested.

However, all hope still isn’t lost. There are still a few tried and tested methods which will keep him wanting more of you. Try out these 11 ways if you hope to keep your guy interested forever. But just remember never to lose your originality and actual personality along the way.

1. Stay Interested In Him
Is he a big football fan? Watch a game with him. Does he really love listening to music? Make him a CD with all his favorite tracks. Does he like cooking? Ask him to teach you his favorite recipe. Just by offering ways to stay involved with his life will make all the difference in the world.

He might not want to start sharing ALL of his activities with you, but the thought you place into being more present in his life won’t ever go unnoticed. Now make sure that if you’re making yourself this available and placing efforts to stay interested, he should be willing to do the same for you.

If he is never in the mood to show up for anything you like doing, then it’s probably time for you to stop showing up for him.

2. Don’t always remain Readily Available
Most guys love a challenge. So if he starts feeling like you’re always willing, ready, and available for him, he might start to lose interest. He wants to know that you have a life of your own. And he wants to feel that he will always get his due space in the relationship.

By always answering all his calls at the first bell and agreeing to meet him ANY time he asks, you’re basically making him feel like your life is centering on him. Or even worse, he might start to believe that you never have anything exciting going on in your life. A person like that doesn’t sound attractive to anyone.

And your partner might start feeling the pressure of being your only source of entertainment or joy in life. Become the source of your own happiness. Stop sitting around, just waiting for him to call. Step out and start living your life!

3. Stop Playing Hard To Get
Yes, guys do like a challenge, but not a very big one. They like chasing after you, but not too far, not for too long, and not with a lot of effort. Guys aren’t always fair, but if you want to keep one of them interested, you not only need to play by the rules, but you also have to re-invent them to suit your situation.

What this means is that you should be answering his texts or calls when you actually want to, and not according to some plan or system devised by that guy or the society. If it’s meant to be, he will come around regardless of how cool and indifferent you try to make yourself look. In fact, if you start acting too distant, he might just lose patience and get bored with the chase.

The truth is if you can’t stop from always playing super hard to get with a guy, you probably don’t want to be in a relationship with him.

4. Start Taking Care of Yourself
Ladies, one thing you should never overlook is keeping your self-care game on point. By this, I don’t mean that you should get your nails and hair done every week or keep buying the hottest new outfits.

While looking nice for your partner is a great thing, there is one kind of self-care that actually goes beyond the surface. If you remember to always take care of your spiritual and mental life, your partner will remain attracted to you.

5. Don’t try to take away his Freedom
Everyone likes to have their own space, regardless of their gender. Give it to him. Don’t text him every second of the day just to ask what he’s up to. If he wants you to know, he’ll tell you himself.

Don’t question him on who he decides to meet and why. Don’t expect him to take you with him every single time he has a plan with his friends. All these things aren’t just bad for him, but for you as well. You need to have a life too. Giving him freedom means that you’ll get yours too. It’s a win-win situation for both.
Keep yourself busy in your own life so that you don’t lie around all day, just waiting for him to call.

6. Don’t Act Jealous
Jealousy is perfectly natural in a relationship, but it should never end up being a permanent feeling in your relationship. If this is happening, then it’s possible that you’re still hung up on some issues of the past or that the guy you’re with right now just isn’t the one which is why you keep getting this bad vibe.

I know you’ve probably heard people say that some level of jealousy is always good, but it’s really not! If you feel confident about your relationship, and if you’re on good terms with your partner, no jealousy should exist between the two of you. If you start to show too much jealousy, it won’t be a shock if you lose him.
And if you have realized that you’re facing issues with jealousy, you should share all your concerns with him.

7. Have Your Own Group of Friends
Everyone needs friends- people you can go out and party with, people who can give you advice (which you almost never implement), and people who can be a constant support system in your life. If you take out time to party with your girls, he will love that about you. Because it will mean he can hang out with his boys stress-free.

You can both feel content in knowing that neither one of you is waiting around for the other (at least not ALL the time). And even if you’ve always been a loner and the possibility of hanging out with your friends doesn’t excite you, just make sure that you have other things going on in life- things that occupy your mind and help you kill time.

You can be your own best friend if that’s what you prefer. Just make sure that you aren’t all over him.

8. Don’t Be Negative
It’s difficult to be around a person who is always negative for a number of different reasons. For starters, it’s annoying! Number two, it starts affecting your own energy. Number three, it becomes impossible to have a normal conversation with them. Number four, it feels exhausting. And number five, it REALLY is annoying!

9. Maintain Your Own Interests
Every person should have their own set of interests. And if you think you don’t have ANY, then you aren’t doing life right. Whether it’s cooking, reading, playing music, keeping a pet, or making art of some kind, there should always be at least one thing that makes your life happier. Your guy will like seeing you occupied with things.

And while it might mean more freedom and personal space for him, it will also mean more growth and personal development for you. If he observes that you don’t have any hobbies or passions in life, you start to feel like an empty shell to him, just someone to accompany him to parties and events.
You should always want to be more than that. He wants you to be more than that. Don’t ever settle for a lesion version of yourself.

10. Don’t Be Clingy
No one wants to feel suffocated. Okay, maybe some people do, but that is a complete other issue- a dependency that can’t possibly be solved in just this one paragraph. Acting clingy all the time will have a negative effect on what you’re hoping to achieve with this guy.

If you really want him, let him breathe. Let him do whatever he wants. Completely attaching yourself to him isn’t going to look cute. If you act clingy, it means you are insecure. And insecurity is never sexy, to say the least.
You need to get your game together and to start clinging to things that can make you a better person. Clinging onto a guy will only leave you deep into trouble.

11. Be Yourself
There is only one you in this world, so you better discover who she really is and then flaunt the hell out of her. You are a unique individual, and that is the best advantage you have. Guys like a girl who isn’t shy in being who she really is. And being yourself will feel so good to you that you won’t ever want to stop.

Get down to the absolute basics. Find out what you really like or dislike, without paying any attention to social concepts and expectations. Become your own best friend. And truly be proud of who you are and the person you’ve become.

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