20 Qualities to Look For In Your Soulmate

Sometimes, vague ideas in our minds block our power of making decisions and we end up being indecisive in matters of love and life. Being indecisive in matters of love can be dangerous; your soulmate can be standing right in front of you and you won’t know if they are the one or not.

Therefore, it is important you know what you want in the person you want to spend your whole life with. It is necessary you are familiar with all the traits you would love to have in your soulmate.

We can help you if you cannot decide; here are 20 qualities that you should look for in your soulmate. You can always edit the list!

They Induce Magic In Your Life:
You should feel your life changing a little bit with your soulmate around. Their presence should brighten your days and cheer your mood for unknown reasons. If they are the one, their mere presence should make you feel like your life is suddenly free of all the problems and even if it is not, it won’t be difficult to get rid of them as long as your soulmate is around you.

You will feel them inducing magic in your life that you had never felt before.

Passionate About Your Passions:
The right person for you will always be passionate about your passions. He or she will encourage you to do what you love to do without paying heed to how it may affect them or the relationship. They will want to see you move forward in life and will never do anything to pull you back.

A soulmate is someone who is supposed to be your best friend and a best friend will never do anything to make you feel discouraged.

Know Your Joys Better Than Their Own:
A truthful lover will know your joys better than their own. For them, making you smile or even laugh will be a piece of cake as they will know all the tips and tricks to get in your head. And that is how soul-mates should be, shouldn’t they?

Having someone around who knows you better than themselves is one of the best feelings in the world. You will know when you have that feeling; it cannot be missed at all.

Not Ashamed of Their Inner Child:
Having a fun-filled relationship is the goal, besides having a long-lasting one.
Dancing around each other at times of joy, crying like a baby when sad and cracking the silliest of jokes just to be told that they were silly is what a fun relationship with your soulmate should be about.

If they are not ashamed of letting their inner child out in front of you, they are perfectly comfortable with you and that is something mandatory for them to be your soulmate.

Friends With Your Friends:
A good, communicative relationship is all about sharing the love with as many people as possible; not exactly including them in your bedroom affairs, no, but including them in the circle you grow with time. If he or she is your soulmate, they will not fear getting along your friends.

For them, your friends will be equivalent to their friends, given that when you want to be alone with your own friends, they won’t trespass. Everyone will be friends with everyone’s friends. Friendship FTW.

Open To Compromises:
There will be less chances of disagreeing with your soulmate for they will have the same opinions as you but it is impossible for two people to agree on every single matter, so there will be times when one or even both of you will have to compromise on a decision.

So if they are willing to let their ego go and compromise for you, they are just the right one. Not only does their compromising nature show maturity, but also the lengths they are willing to go to for your sake.

For Themselves, By Themselves:
You will find them be secure and sufficient for themselves when you are not around and that will only make them look better, because a person who loves another person despite being enough for themselves is a person who loves truly and genuinely.

They will be stable in all ways yet want you for no other reason than they love you. So if you are wondering if their self-confidence is a sign of not needing you, you are wrong. It is a sign of them being the one.

Ears to Your Voice:
As I said before, you don’t have to see eye to eye on everything with them. There will be differences and if they are willing to listen to your side of the theory, your opinion on the matter and are tolerant enough to not impose their own opinion on you then they are just the perfect breed.

Clashes in a relationship are mostly due to difference of opinion but more than that, they are because of intolerant behavior and no respect for each other.

All About Pulling You Up:
Your soulmate has to be the one to encourage you in every little aspect of life. They are there to pull you out of the dungeons of low self-esteem and self-doubt. They have got to be the saviors and not the destroyers. So as long as you see all of it in them, as long as you are helped and sheltered from the torments of life by them, they qualify to be your soulmate.

If they bring you down and make you see only the darker side of the picture when times are bad, you should run away from them as far as possible.

Honesty, The Virtue:
There is no point looking for any of the above explained signs in your soulmate if this one, honesty, is absent. If you two are supposed to be and if your relationship is destined to thrive, it will only do so with the virtue of honesty being a part of it.

Without trust, there is no love and without love, two souls can never catch up. There should not be compromise on the absence of honesty.

Ready to Move On:
After problems and setbacks in the relationship, if he or she is ready to look over everything in order to take a fresh start instead of dwelling on what happened and who did it, they are doing the right thing and should be noticed for it.

A good and suitable person knows there lies nothing in fretting over what has been done. Once the chapter is closed, there is no point revising it.

Privacy and Space:
It is important the person we choose to be with for a greater part of our life understands that we need some time to ourselves too. It is healthy for an individual to exist outside of their relationship every once in a while to have experiences of their own.

A person who understands the concept of privacy and space and does not intrude when you are enjoying some me-time, he or she should be appreciated for it.

They Love You For You:
They don’t love you because love is a Kryptonian force that makes you a flawless literally out-of-the-world person, but because they honestly accept your flaws and all the imperfections. Like John Legend says, he or she must love all of you and you must love all of him or her; all of their curves and all their edges, all their perfect imperfections. (Listen to the song, maybe)

They Bring Out The Best In You:
Your soulmate should be someone who knows your bright sides and should only bring them out to show to the world and help you overcome the dark sides. Love is to know what bothers them and finding ways to either keep them away from those things or helping them get over it.

If your partner polishes your good skills and helps you get better with those you are bad at, he or she is the one.

Vulnerable To You:
To the world they might be the strongest people with the I-don’t-need-you attitude but to you, they should puppy-eyed pet-me-on-the-head kind of lovers. That’s the beauty of confiding in and trusting each other. Nobody knows where your emotions are dealt with except for the person they are dealt with. There is no shame in being open and vulnerable to the person you love.

Guilty and Not Proud:
Whenever caught with a mistake, they should be ready to own up to it instead of finding baseless justifications for the mistakes. Owning up to mistakes is the mark of an honest partner and putting their ego aside for the welfare of the relationship shows selflessness.

They should be forgiving too if you make a mistake and feel really sorry about it.

No Changes in You:
They should not be like those pushy lovers who force their partners to change some parts of them so that they are more suited for their own life or their friends. You should be loved for who you are, without any changes made because if there was an option of customizing the people we fall in love with, we would all be dating either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie right now.

Keeping a Check on You:
It can get boring dating someone who always says yes to everything you say just in fear of upsetting you. A soulmate is required to know the right way to point your mistakes out without dictating the rules to you.

They should be able to explain what you did wrong so that you know where you slip off-track. There is no harm in being told about our wrongdoings as long as it is for our own good.

They Should Be Available:
For a person to be as close as a soulmate to you, they should be available for you at all times for everything ranging from emotional support to basic needs. You should not have to think twice before texting or calling them when you are in dire need of something.

What is the point of having a soulmate when you cannot depend on them for the smallest of things?
Easy To Be With:
No relationship is perfect but it should not be a war either, by any means. You two should grow together, work on the relationship together and make room for improvements together because that is what soulmates do.

Your soulmate should be your best friend, your coach, your teammate and your companion for life. You should know when you look at them that they are the one and no one else. Besides every other quality they ought to have, the one that matters the most is your souls clicking every time they touch.

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