5 Lies we need to stop telling ourselves

We all lie to the people around us for a number of reasons. We lie to get out of difficult situations. We lie to keep ourselves from hurting another person’s feelings. And we lie just for the sake of lying. But the worst lies of all are the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we create in our own head to constantly remind us that we’re not good enough, that we have an excuse for why our life is going so bad, and that we have no control whatsoever in the way our life works out.

Here are 5 of these horrible lies that we need to stop telling ourselves.

“I don’t have any determination in life”
It’s very easy to forget about all your stress and hide behind the excuse of not having enough determination. No one in the world was born with a strong determination to keep moving forward in life, to keep working hard towards their goals, and to keep overcoming any obstacles that come their way. It is something that you need to build upon as you grow up.

And it is something that can come up at any stage in life. So just because you don’t have any determination at this point in your life, doesn’t imply that you can’t have any two weeks later or even the very next day. Stop lying to yourself and start looking for that one thing in life that will give you the push and willpower that you so desperately need.

“I’m extremely fat/thin/ugly and no one can ever love me”

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”
Truer words have never been spoken! What might look unattractive to us might be the exact thing that someone else has been searching for their entire life. Stop letting the society decide how thin/fat/pretty you need to be.

Stop looking at all the magazines, TV shows, and movies that present to you a set definition of beauty. And stop putting yourself down just because of the way you look. Every human being is beautiful, every human being is unique, and if someone can’t see the beauty in you or love you for your uniqueness, then they’re not even worth your time or your worries in the first place.

“I can’t handle this”

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they feel like all hope is lost, like they’ve just been stuck at a point, like they just don’t have the strength to handle things and that there is nothing left to do for them to change their current situation. But the truth that needs to be remembered is that you have successfully handled a thousand problems before and you are going to handle this one as well.

There’s no such thing as a dead-end in life. Eventually, every single person learns to deal with the things that are happening around them by accepting those things as they are, or placing efforts and time towards changing them. The key here is to keep remembering that nothing in life is permanent, not even the pain and helplessness that you’re feeling right now.

“My past will always haunt me”

When something bad happens to us, we do one of two things- either we accept that it has happened, that it was real and that it’s time to move on or we decide to keep resenting it, we decide to make it a part of every thought we have, and we decide to become victims of our own past. Author Alan Robert Neal said, “The problem with blaming your present on your past is that history cannot be changed.”

So what’s the point of obsessing and making yourself feel bad over something you have no control on, something that has already passed, and something that only makes your life even harder to bear? Let go of all the pain and anger. Stop thinking about the things you cannot change. Don’t allow a bad past to affect your present or even your future. And start looking for some light at the end of the tunnel. You survived in the past and you will keep on surviving in the present as well.

“I just can’t go on.”
And what exactly makes you think that way? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing all your life? Remind yourself of all the things you’ve been through, all the difficult situations you came out of, all the people you successfully got over, and all the problems you eventually solved in your life, and know that the place you’re in right now is no different from any of that.

Keep fighting. Keep moving forward. And keep reminding yourself of the people who are your reason to keep living.

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