10 signs your relationship is stuck in a gray zone

Mostly when we hear about the DTR concept, it seems weird. But truth be told, it’s as true as it gets. When you define-the-relationship, i.e. DTR, only to end up with no concrete idea of what you two are doing in the relationship, where you stand in terms of it…it’s a sure sign you are in that gray area of your relationship. The reasons can vary. Though there are some common signs to tell if your relationship is stuck in a rut in that gray zone. Read on to find out.

Bland communication between the two of you
There is always one thing or the other holding you two back from properly communicating with each other. What will she think of me? Will he try to change my mind? Unless you both connect easily and talk things out freely with one another, your relationship is home to lack of understanding.

Your partner doesn’t give you enough time
When you both know exactly where you stand in the relationship, nothing will come between the two of you spending quality time together. But when your partner bails out on you almost regularly, they don’t realize the worth of having to spend some time with you. That’s because your relationship is badly stuck in that gray area; they don’t see the need and value of giving their time to you and in turn, to the relationship.

They don’t like it when you tag them on social media

When your partner expresses strong disdain after you have tagged them in pictures or something else on social media sites, it’s because they aren’t sure yet of what you mean to them, where they stand with you in terms of your relationship. And so, being at that personal zone where they feel comfortable at you telling the whole world about them…that isn’t likely to happen when your relationship is stuck in a rut.

You have second thoughts being the only one
Whenever you talk about commitment or honesty, they don’t reassure you that yes, you’re the only one for them. When you start to get those second thoughts about whether or not you’re the exclusive one in the relationship, it’s a sure sign of being in a relationship that’s stuck in a gray zone.

They hesitate at telling their friends about you

Obviously, no gossiping with their friends if they are unsure of what the relationship means to them. Your role in their life isn’t clear to them, so they hesitate at parties or amongst family gathering from referring to you as their boyfriend/girlfriend. Then when the friends meet you, they’re surprise. No DTR, no mingling with the friends either.

Your stuff at their place freaks them out
You aren’t out of that gray zone when they call you up or text you just to tell you that you left some stuff at their place. Because of their lack of understanding as to what you and the relationship means to them, they don’t feel comfortable yet to have your stuff permanently at their place.

You often think about being with someone else

When your partner actually knows where the relationship is going and when they have a clear sense of what you mean to them, they will do everything to make you feel committed to. If you find yourself questioning your own efforts put into the relationship, that’s a sign you are still in that gray area. You will think how it would have been if you were with someone else at that point. Would you have such thoughts if your partner assured you of your relationship’s significance? The matter speaks for itself. 

They don’t give you straight answers
You tell them you love them, no response. A few months pass by, still no answer. You tell them you want to move in together with them, no answer. Your friend makes you her roomie, but your significant other still doesn’t show any response to that. Whatever you ask them, they will not give you clear-cut answers. It’s always so vague…because they themselves don’t know what the relationship means to them.

You feel like an outsider…in your own relationship

Ever had that feeling where you pause, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are just as much a part of the relationship as the other person is? That is one of those things which point out to the fact that your relationship is tumbling through a gray area. If your significant other truly appreciates you and all you do for the sake of love and keeping the relationship healthy, they will never make you feel like an outsider.

You find yourself at a dead-end
When you think about whether or not you will have a future with your significant other and come to a dead-end, something inside you breaks. That’s a sure sign your relationship is stuck in that gray area.

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