7 Reasons Why Happy Couples Don’t Talk About Their Relationships On Social Media

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Your relationship should be a sacred bond, not amusement for the world.
We live in an era where privacy is a thing of the past. Most of us have thins compulsion of putting each and every aspect of our lives on the social media. With this recent change, relationships have lost their charm that comes from privacy.

As individuals, we have also started to judge people through the pictures they upload on their social media profiles. What we fail to realize is, we only put up the shiny and perfect parts of ourselves on the social media.

Coming to the relationships, we’ve observed that most of the happy couples don’t feel the compulsion to upload every part of their relationships online and the reason they don’t feel compelled to do so, is because of the following truths:

Relationships are a private matter
Relationships are and have always been a private matter. Relationship is a “ship” that can only hold two people.
Before social media became mainstream, couples enjoyed the sort of privacy that is not possible in today’s time. Back then, the relationships were not considered a spectacle for others. Couples did things because they enjoyed those things not because they wanted a photo-op or to make their friends jealous.

Most of the happy and contented couples still do not put everything online. They know that, they aren’t doing things in order to show other but because they actually want to do those activities with their partners.

Relationship Problems should not be shared
We have all seen it, people complaining about their relationships on the social media. This, in our opinion, is very wrong. Why do others have to know the problems and flaws in your relationship? It will never solve anything. If anything, people will either think of you as a mess or pity you and those who are envious of you, will be happy to see your relationship in trouble. Neither of these things are good and should be avoided.

Happy couples, on the other hand, do not feel the need to voice their relationship problems in public. Instead, they try to solve them privately and effectively.
When you don’t share your relationship problems or experiences on the social media, nobody will have any reason to interfere in your personal matters. On the other hand, if you are sharing those things with the online world, you are inviting people to stick their noses where they do not belong.

What you are also doing is providing entertainment for these people by exposing them to your relationship drama.
The reason that happy couples are happy is because they keep their matters private and away from the public eyes.

Real Happiness
What is the point of putting up any aspect of your relationship online? What will that achieve? Will that bring the partners happiness in any way?

Happy couples realize that it’s the company of one another that makes them happy. They don’t need to show off or share the happiness with others because they are perfectly contented with one another without involving outside parties. They only crave one another’s company and not the social media validation.

Uninterrupted Experiences

The use of social media can be a distraction. It might make you neglect your partner sometimes. Happy couples realize that the excessive use of online tools while spending time together can have a negative effect on the relationship. When together, they don’t use the online tools that might distract them and deprive them of each other’s attention and precious company. Happy couples don’t have a need to seek external validation or to parade their unique and fun experiences.

Living in the Present
Happy couples live in the present. They do not care how other people perceive them or their actions. Everything they do, they do for the present and future betterment of their relationship. Social media won’t really enhance the relationship experience but what it can do is, cause slight lack in the attention.

Evils of Social Media
Psychological researches have shown that the use of Social Media is linked to unhappiness. As mentioned earlier, people only share the perfect sides of their lives on social media. And as humans, we envy those who are having better experiences than us. We start to compare our lives with the lives of others without even knowing the ugly phases, we only fixate on the perfect surface of things and we almost never have the insights behind the perfect posts on social media.

Due to this reason, happy couples recognize the evils of social media and choose to keep their lives private.

Nothing to prove to the masses
Happy couples have nothing to prove to the masses of social media. They do not have to put up a facade or to gain validation of acquaintances. For them, the aspects of their relationship are only their own to cherish and hold dear. Why involve others when it won’t change anything? Moreover, it is never a good idea to give that much personal information to people.

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of putting your relationship online, the ‘cons list’ exceed the ‘pros list’ by a mile. As long as you are satiated with your relationship interactions, you will never want to put those aspects in the online world.

In most cases, where couples are constantly sharing their lives online, it indicates the state of longing and yearning. Yearning for external validation and people’s acceptance. People who, in no way contribute anything towards the betterment of your relationship. The people in your social media accounts are in no way extension to your relationship and should not be exposed to it.

Another aspect that people fail to notice is that relationships are fragile and don’t always last forever. Sharing everything on social media can also mean that God forbid, if you end up breaking up with your partner, it will be much harder when all the memories that you’ve shared are online. Plus, people will keep asking you about your ex and it will be harder for you to get over him or her.

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