15 Ways To Tell If Your Ex Still Likes You And Wants You

Do they still want you?
In many cases even after the breakup, people do not move on. Some people are really good at hiding their feelings whereas others are not so good. However, there are some very indications through which one may be able to tell if their ex wants them back or not. These hints aren’t necessarily thrown by all the people because some people like to keep the fact hidden that they like their ex.

Here is a list of multiple indications through which you can tell if your ex still has the hots for you. Remember, if there are multiple indications that is when your ex genuinely wants you back, but if there are just a few of those indications then there is a fair possibility that he doesn’t want you back and he is just being polite.

1. Makes excuses to see you
If your ex is using all kinds of excuses in order to see you or even to be around you for just a few minutes then that means that your ex is still into you. These excuses can be something like returning your pants or returning your earring that you left at his place.

2. Get Drunk texts

You will get a lot of drunk texts from your ex. Now you can’t be sure whether they are fake drunk texts or real drunk texts but either way this indicates that your ex wants you back and still has hots for you.

3. Admits a lot that he misses you
If your ex admits that he misses you, this is one of the strongest indications that he wants you back. This may seem like common sense but if this is coupled with a few other indications that we have mentioned then that means your ex is not just fooling around but he actually wants you back.

4. His family misses you
If he tells you that his family or other people in his life are missing you then this again is an indication that he wants you back and he is still not over you.

5. Doesn’t stop bringing all the memories up
If your ex brings up memories of all the good times that you have had together and he makes you think about those times again and again then this means that he is interested in having you back.

6. Tells you about his new female friends
If your ex tells you about all the new people that he is meeting especially women and also mentions that he is going out then it shows that he wants you to be jealous. Now this jealousy might give him some kind of mental peace by either making you want him back or just simply making you jealous. Either way, he still wants you to think about him.

7. You end up finding him at places that you visit the most

If your ex goes again and again to the restaurant where he knows that you enjoy a lot then this is a fair indication that he wants to see you and act like it was coincidental. This way he stays clean and gets to see you as well. This indication is super cute so try to act all surprised.

8. Sexual tension never lies
Whenever you see your ex and you feel like there is some strong sexual tension between the two of you. This is considered as one of the biggest indications. This is because sexual tension is not faked. It is natural so if your ex wants you back and you want your ex back as well then you will feel the sexual tension.

9. The social media indications
If you both have unfriended one another on social media and he keeps his Facebook status on public where he boasts that he is super depressed it means that he expects you to read them and know that he is not doing well without you. This is very common in the current era as Facebook is considered as a very good platform to express your emotions. Keep an eye on his Facebook account and if you see such things happening it means he wants you back.

10. The not-so-friendly touch

If he touches you at every chance that he gets it means that he wants you back. Usually in such a case you will feel that his hugs are not very friendly. You will also notice that the moment he gets his hands on you, he tightens his grip around you and lingers for some extra time.

11. Feels insecure when you mention other guys
Notice that if you mention any other guy or some new person in your life, he will start to ask a million questions about that particular person or how you are with that person. Now, this again is a strong indication that the person wants you back.

12. Stalks you on social media
If you post a very good picture of yourself on one of your social media accounts and he instantly texts you or likes it, it means that he is still interested in having you.

13. Bombards questions at your friends about you
If he ask your friends many questions about you and how you were doing in life it also means that he wants you back. Because if a person is interested in knowing you are well and happy in life it fairly means that the person is still interested in you.

14. He dresses well in the so-called accidental encounters

If you end up seeing your ex in places where you believe that he might have known that he will get to see you, notice his dressing. If he dresses really well to all those accidental encounters, that means he still wants you to have him and be impressed by him.

15. Notice the nervousness
If your ex still gets slightly nervous around you and cannot look directly into your eyes then it means he is still interested.

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